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Improve your mental health with daily habits
Most people struggle with their mental health at some point in their life, some more than others.
Dietary habits to blame for toothache
Your mother was right: The condition of your teeth depends on your dietary and oral hygiene habits, not your genes, according to a new study that looked at the role that genes and the oral microbiome play in the formation of cavities.
Limited window to change commuting habits
Over 128 million daily commuters in the US and 75 percent report they drive alone. From improving traffic flow to air quality, convincing people to choose a possibly 'greener' mode of transportation presents many challenges.
Healthy habits you should give up in 2017
We all have them — habits we think are healthy because we heard them somewhere on the news or from a health-conscious friend.
Break child from harmful health habits
Thumb sucking, picky eating and nose picking are not only a nuisance, but they can have lasting effects on your child’s health.
Bad eating habits can start in daycare
Some daycare centers may find ‘clean plate club’ policies hard to resist, even though working too hard to control what kids eat can backfire and make them more likely to gain weight, a recent study suggested.
Work habits that make people hate you
Most of us worry about making big blunders at work, but often it’s more subtle habits or behaviors that are the worst things someone can do. Some people learn the hard way and others never quite get the lesson.

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