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Astronomers identify 121 giant planets  likely to host habitable moons
Astronomers have identified 121 giant planets that potentially host habitable moons. Scientists believe the next generation of telescopes will be able to target alien moons in search of signs of life.
Possible for planets orbiting pulsars to be habitable
New calculations suggest a pulsar could host habitable planets. It's theoretically possible, scientists said.
Ideal habitable world would be mostly ocean
An exoplanet made up of mostly oceans would offer astronomers the greatest chance of finding alien life, according to a new model developed by Fergus Simpson.
3 potentially habitable planets that could have water found by Nasa
Nasa has announced the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets of which three could hold life, a find that has thrilled not just the planet-hunters but also the scientific community.
Venus may once have been habitable
Researchers used climate models to calculate that Venus might have had a shallow ocean of liquid water and temperatures that could have allowed life to exist for up to two billion years of its early history.

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