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Forgetting people’s names and  feeling stiff are the top signs of getting old
Forgetting people’s names, groaning when you bend down and falling asleep in front of the TV are among the signs you’re getting old, according to research.
Marine heatwaves getting hotter, longer and more frequent
Heatwaves are most frequently thought of as affecting land, but the prolonged periods of extremely high temperatures are impacting the ocean, too.
Study: Americans getting more sleep than they did in 2003
New research suggested that people are sleeping a few more minutes each night than they used to.
Aussie flu:  Five ways to prevent getting deadly viral infection
Aussie flu has swept across the UK, leaving almost 500 people hospitalized since the beginning of the flu season.
Getting annual flu shot won't weaken immune system
There's no evidence to support the notion that people who get the flu vaccine every year somehow ‘weaken’ their immune system over time, researchers said.
Poor really getting poorer in Thailand
The poor are getting poorer, while the rich are getting richer in Thailand due to the government’s policy approach to welfare and social enterprise, according to academics who presented at a seminar on civil state policy held at Thammasat University.
Kids need to stop getting so many presents
More kids don’t have to mean more clutter. That’s the message from Marie Kondo, bestselling author of ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, who recently told the website Babble that she is writing a version of her book for kids. (There is already a graphic novel called ‘The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up’ for adolescents but this will be for an even younger crowd).
Getting baby to sleep well has dramatic impact on obesity risk
Parents who get their babies to sleep well at night can halve their risk of obesity as toddlers.
Employed South Koreans getting older
Employed South Koreans have been getting older over the past five years in line with the country's rapid population aging, with the average age of the jobless falling, a report said.
Omega 3 fatty acid found to  stop liver damage from getting worse
A new study done with laboratory animals suggested that one type of omega 3 fatty acid offers people, who are obese or have a poor diet, a chance to avoid serious liver damage.
Many high-risk patients with breast cancer aren’t getting genetic testing
Doctors often fail to recommend genetic testing for breast-cancer patients, even those who are at high risk for mutations linked to ovarian and other cancers, according to a study.
Study: Earth's days getting longer
Earth's days are getting longer but you're not likely to notice any time soon — it would take about 6.7 million years to gain just one minute, according to a study.
Iran says getting paid daily for oil sales
Iran says it is receiving above $80 million in direct payments every day as a result of exports of crude oil to international markets.
Many depressed adults not getting treatment
Most American adults who suffer from depression aren't getting treatment, a new study found.
Foods you should avoid before getting on a plane
Have you ever noticed how you're that little bit more bloated and sluggish after a long-haul flight?

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