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US officials advise EU foreign policy elite to ignore Trump’s tweets
US national security officials and members of Congress assure Europe's foreign policy elite that Washington remains committed to its European allies amid anxiety about President Donald Trump's approach to global affairs.
Trump fueling decline of democracy: Freedom House
The first year of US President Donald Trump's presidency has seen an increase in an ongoing trend of democratic decline in the US and around the world, mainly due to Trump's attacks on the press and his administration’s brash foreign policy approach.
High stakes poker underway in White House: Analyst
There is a high stakes poker going on in the White House right now over control of US foreign policy, says Myles Hoenig, an American political analyst and activist.
Trump’s foreign policy terrible: US analyst
Donald Trump’s foreign policy is terrible, said Jennifer Loewenstein, a human rights activist and faculty associate in Middle East Studies at Penn State University.
Rouhani sworn in for second term as Iran president
President: New government will be pacific in foreign, domestic policies
Senior MP: Nuclear deal int'lly backed
Head of Majlis (parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi underlined on Wednesday that the Iran-G5+1 deal is inviolable and the United States should follow 'political etiquette'.
US foreign policy continuous under Trump: Pundit
Opposition is growing, domestically and internationally, to the executive orders signed by US president Donald Trump putting travel bans on Muslims from seven countries.
Iran supports Afghan government as principle of foreign policy
President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that the Islamic Republic of Iran supports the Afghan government as a principle of foreign policy.
McCain blasts Obama's foreign policy for world crises
US Senator John McCain has blasted President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, saying under his administration the United States has been “on a holiday from American leadership.”
Iran deal sign of ‘disaster’ in US foreign policy
US presidential candidate Donald Trump says the nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers means “a complete disaster” for Washington’s foreign policy.
EU foreign policy, security chief to meet Iranian foreign minister
European Union foreign policy and security chief Federica Mogherini is to meet Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif upon her arrival in Tehran on Saturday morning.
Sen. McConnell slams Obama’s ‘mind-boggling’ foreign policy
US President Barack Obama’s foreign policy is “mind-boggling” and signals "American retreat around the world," says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
US needs to create enemies to justify military spending: Activist
The United States has presented Russia as a threat to American national security to justify spending half of the country’s budget on military spending and "maintaining a war economy," an activist in Maryland says.
AIPAC ‘rules, writes US foreign policy’
American journalist David Christie says the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is ruling and writing US foreign policy after the pro-Israel lobbying group urged Congress to reject Iran’s nuclear agreement.
China, EU seek common approach  on climate change
The European Union's foreign policy chief said on Tuesday she's confident the EU and China can agree to a common approach on climate change ahead of crucial carbon reduction talks in Paris this year.

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