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These four foods can contain deadly toxic metals
Heart disease is known to be caused by poor diet, lack of exercise and smoking, but it could also be triggered by toxic metals found in certain foods, including rice, fish, mushrooms and bone broth.
Four foods giving you tummy discomfort
Stomach bloating is a common digestive problem and can be triggered by health conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or even ovarian cancer. Most commonly, however, it's down to diet.
Many parents turn to unhealthy foods to get children to eat
Data published in February by the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Medicine has revealed that a startling 22 percent of reception-age children are now overweight or obese.
Best foods to avoid a winter cold
While the winter season brings lots of festivities and fun, it also tends to be the time we see an uptick in colds.
Eating some foods can increase Alzheimer’s risk
Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia in the UK. The cognitive disorder affects an estimated 850,000 Brits, according to the National Health Service (NHS).
Foods that can help prevent prostate cancer
Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer among men and there will be more than 180,000 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed this year alone, the American Cancer Society estimates.
Foods that will help reduce risk of Alzheimer's
Eating a healthy diet can protect the organs in the body from but it can also reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.
Foods you should avoid before getting on a plane
Have you ever noticed how you're that little bit more bloated and sluggish after a long-haul flight?
Healthy foods every woman must eat
While eating healthy is essential for men and women have different dietary requirements.
Anti-cancer foods within your reach
Anti-cancer foods are your ticket in preventing more complications due to cancer.
Foods with more vitamin C than oranges
For some unknown reason, humans and our primate cousins are the only mammals that cannot make their own vitamin C.
FDA renews call to reduce salt in processed foods
Americans eat too much salt, and one reason why is that processed and prepared foods have a lot of hidden salt, the US Food and Drug Administration said.
Anti-cancer foods within your reach
Anti-cancer foods are your ticket in preventing more complications due to cancer.

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