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Gov't takes steps to improve financial welfare for people with disabilities
The South Korean government's top financial regulator on Monday unveiled steps to improve welfare for people with disabilities.
UK student nurses face financial hardship over loan error
Hundreds of UK student nurses whose loans and grants have been cut off or reduced because of administrative errors are facing financial hardship and in some cases may not be able to continue their studies, nurses leaders have warned.
Financial loss in mid-life may boost death risk
People who suffer a sudden, major financial loss in mid-life may face a 50 percent higher risk of dying within the next 20 years, said the first long-term study of its kind Tuesday.
Palestinian Authority cutting financial support for sick Gazans: WHO
The Palestinian Authority (PA) has significantly reduced financial help for Gazans in need of medical treatment outside the besieged coastal enclave, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.
Citizens back on FFP watch list
Manchester City is back on UEFA’s financial watch list after their £220 million spending spree this summer.
Asian financial crisis:  Lessons learned and unlearned
Debates are taking place on whether there will be another financial crisis, whether in some part of the world or that is global in scope.
House votes to roll back post-2008 financial rules
The Republican-led US House has moved closer to fulfilling President Donald Trump’s goal of doing 'a big number' on Dodd-Frank, the landmark banking law created after the 2008 economic crisis that was designed to prevent future meltdowns.
UK financial firms eying relocation to Ireland
A high number of UK banks and financial institutions are planning to move to Ireland when Britain leaves the European Union (EU), an Irish investment agency says.
Down syndrome may not be big financial burden on families
Although families with a child with Down syndrome do face extra medical expenses, they probably won't be deeply burdened financially, a new study suggested.
Financial status affects students with learning disabilities
College students who receive special accommodations because of a learning disability say they have less difficulty completing assignments and more contact with faculty outside of class than peers who don't receive extra help.
Zarif: Iran, EU will press US on access  to global financial system
Mogherini: Iran's missile tests no nuclear deal breach
Iran not gaining access to US financial system: US official
The US administration of President Barack Obama is not planning to allow Iran access to the American financial system or use of the dollar for transactions, according to a senior US official.
US does not plan to grant Iran access to its financial system
The US administration does not plan to give Iran access to its financial system, a State Department spokesman said on Monday.
Netnyahu’s wife being grilled on financial misconduct
The wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being questioned by police over inflated household spending.
‘Balkanization of US financial system spelling doom for economy’
America’s ‘Balkanized’ regulatory system set up to prevent another financial crisis is a “mess” and bound to fail again, experts say.

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