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Do this mind exercise daily to prevent Dementia developing
Dementia signs and symptoms can affect people in different ways depending on which part of the brain has been affected, but what is the life expectancy once you’ve been diagnosed with the disease? There is no cure for the disease but there are ways of preventing it — one being a mind exercise.
Exercise may counter effects of obesity genes
Older women who carry genes that make them prone to obesity may take comfort in new findings that suggest exercise can counter that risk.
Heart patients need to focus on fitness and exercise, not weight loss
The study revealed that people who are physically active live longer than those who are not. Sustained physical activity over time was associated with substantially lower mortality risk.
High levels of workplace exercise linked to early death
Men with highly physical jobs appear to have a significantly higher risk of early death compared with men who have largely inactive jobs, suggested a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.
6 healthy diet and exercise habits that don’t help you lose weight
If you want to lose weight, sweating it out in the gym lifting weights regularly may not be enough to reach your fitness goals. There are times when your daily food and exercise habits can backfire without you knowing it.
Exercise in, vitamin D out for preventing falls
With aging often comes worry about falls and the bone fractures they cause.
Diet, exercise can ease side effects of prostate cancer treatment
Exercise and healthy eating can counter the harmful side effects of hormone therapy for prostate cancer, a new study suggested.
How exercise in old age prevents the immune system from declining
Doing lots of exercise in older age can prevent the immune system from declining and protect people against infections, scientists said.
Exercise pill may be in the future for those incapable of working out
Not everyone can exercise. People with muscle-wasting diseases and movement disorders, the frail, the very obese and post-surgical patients are among those who face a significant challenge when it comes to working out.
Benefits of exercise: Running may help lessen negative effects of stress
The study, published in the journal of Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, found that when exercise co-occurs with stress, LTP levels are not decreased, but remain normal.
Benefits of exercise can outweigh health effects of severe obesity
Can you be fit and healthy even if you're overweight? That's the question researchers at York University's Faculty of Health set out to answer in a new study that shows physical activity may be equally and perhaps even more important than weight for people living with severe obesity.
Worrying too much about exercise may actually be killing people
The stress people put themselves under by worrying about physical activity and weight increases chances of early death.
Study links exercise to cognitive development in kids
A lack of exercise puts kids at risk for very adult problems, like obesity and diabetes.
Do this type of exercise if you have been injured or have arthritis
Gym workouts incorporating low-impact moves, such as Pilates, are ideal for those with arthritis or who have been recently injured.
Exercise boosts brain size
Physical education should be taught every day at school because exercise boosts brain size and improves academic performance, a study has shown for the first time.

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