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Is European Union collapsing?
By Hossein Ziaee*
Eurozone economy to grow fastest in 2017 in decade
The European Commission forecast that the eurozone economy would grow at its fastest pace in a decade this year, with real gross domestic product growth predicted to be 2.2 percent.
Dijsselbloem: Eurozone will focus on debt reduction
Eurozone policymakers will pay increasing attention to the bloc’s debt levels as part of its attempts to shore up the public finances of member states during a strong economic recovery.
Eurozone manufacturers report best year-to-date performance since 2000
Factories across the eurozone are having their best year since the start of the century, according to a closely-watched series of surveys, with Italy a particular highlight as businesses reported much better than expected conditions in October.
Eurozone bailout fund may  get monitoring powers next year
The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) could get new powers to monitor eurozone economies next year as part of the single currency bloc's plan to integrate more deeply, Klaus Regling, the head of the eurozone bailout fund, said.
Macron to unveil plans for Europe
New government in Berlin may put a dampener on Macron's plans for deeper Eurozone integration.
Eurozone sees 'burst of activity' in September
The eurozone economy ended the third quarter of the year on a strong note, a survey has indicated.
Weakest eurozone economies on long road to recovery
Jean-Claude Juncker’s hailing of Europe’s economic recovery came in terms that would have been unimaginable at the height of the eurozone debt crisis in 2010.
Eurozone inflation rate rises to 1.5%
The inflation rate in the eurozone rose to a higher-than-expected 1.5 percent in August, according to Eurostat, the European Union's statistics office.
Climbing imports shrink eurozone trade surplus
The eurozone’s trade surplus in goods with the rest of the world shrunk by €1.7 billion in June on the back of a healthy climb in imports in the bloc.
Eurozone economy grows at fastest pace since debt crisis
The eurozone has grown at its fastest rate since the eruption of the debt crisis five years ago, underscoring a brighter outlook after elections that eased fears of a populist political threat.
Eurozone unemployment falls to lowest level
Eurozone unemployment fell to its lowest level in eight years in June, while a key inflation figure picked up to its fastest pace since 2013 in July, underscoring the gathering momentum of the bloc’s economic expansion.
Eurozone inflation softens to 1.3%
Inflation in the eurozone slipped back in June, official data confirmed, as investors get ready to scrutinize comments from ECB president Mario Draghi on the central bank’s stimulus measures later this week.
Reviving eurozone inflation still long way off
The eurozone economy still needs a long period of easy monetary policy and a shift in message that induced a market selloff last week was merely a nuanced change to reflect better growth, said Peter Praet, European Central Bank’s (ECB) chief economist.

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