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Long-term monitoring is essential to effective environmental policy
Environmental policy guided by science saves lives, money, and ecosystems. So reported a team of eleven senior researchers in Environmental Science & Policy.
UN launches Environmental Rights Initiative
Taking a stand against ongoing threats, harassment and murder of environmental defenders, the UN launched an initiative enlisting business communities to champion a clean and healthy environment.
Pride tops guilt as a motivator for environmental decisions
A lot of pro-environmental messages suggest that people will feel guilty if they don't make an effort to live more sustainably or takes steps to ameliorate climate change. But a recent study from Princeton University finds that highlighting the pride people will feel if they take such actions may be a better way to change environmental behaviors.
Human environmental effects evident in ancient bird dung
Human beings first arrived in New Zealand at least 700 years ago. A new study of the dung of now-extinct birds shows how the environment changed with the arrival of people.
Climate change, environmental risks causing deadlier health threats
Climate change and environmental health risks associated with it are becoming deadlier causing millions of deaths every year around the globe yet no serious measures and policies have ever been adopted even after the recent floods and devastating droughts in Thar to minimize the bad effects of the phenomenon.
Almost four environmental defenders a week killed in 2017
The slaughter of people defending their land or environment continued unabated in 2017, with new research showing almost four people a week were killed worldwide in struggles against mines, plantations, poachers and infrastructure projects.
Top environmental group preparing to sue Trump’s EPA
A top environmental advocacy group is preparing a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), helmed by Scott Pruitt, for the agency's rollback of environmental protections under the Trump administration.
BECCS cause bigger environmental problems
Widespread use of a futuristic energy technology to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere would create severe environmental problems, scientists argue in a new critique, casting doubt on one potential method of helping humanity escape the worst effects of climate change.
Study shows star formation influenced by environmental conditions
Scientists at Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen have determined that new star formation is influenced by local environmental conditions.
US public divides over environmental regulation, energy policy
Amid major debates over energy and environmental policy changes, Americans tilt toward supporting government regulations as the best way to encourage renewable energy development, believe that reliance on solar and wind power are effective in minimizing pollution, and are less convinced that pro-coal and pro-oil policies are viable antipollution strategies.
Beijing Creates New Environmental Police
Officials in Beijing are creating a new environmental police squad in the latest effort to fight China's persistent problems with heavy smog.
DoE budget increases
State management focused on water, environmental issues
Water and the environmental issues are most important concerns for national management, said the Head of the Department of the Environment (DoE) Masoumeh Ebtekar.
China vows better environmental monitoring to improve health
China aims to create a comprehensive environmental monitoring system by 2030 in its efforts to boost citizens' health and raise life expectancy, the government said.
Environmental groups file lawsuit against Norway over Arctic oil
Two environmental groups filed a lawsuit accusing Norway of violating its pledges under a global agreement to combat climate change by letting energy firms explore for oil and gas in the Arctic Barents Sea.

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