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Over a quarter of elderly at risk of poverty
More than a quarter of those aged 65 and over are at risk of poverty or social exclusion, the highest in a decade, fresh data showed.
Elderly take over smartphones
The small illustrations have a nostalgic feel: One shows four men doing the twist, while another describes kabedon, a current buzzword meaning the thumping sound (don) made when someone puts their hand on a wall (kabe). However, the illustration uses a kappa, a creature from folklore, to make fun of the wall move
Elderly kept indoors for days in UK's care homes
Elderly and vulnerable people in the UK are being denied trips to the loo and kept indoors for days on end, a shock survey found.
New program offers mediation services for caregivers, elderly
Kuʻikahi Mediation Center and West Hawaiʻi Mediation Center, in the US, in partnership with Hawai’i County Office of Aging, have partnered to launch a new program providing mediation and conflict resolution support services for kupuna (older person), caregivers and families on Hawaiʻi Island.
UK's May surprises with change of policy on care for the elderly
British Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled a surprise new policy that aims to transfer a greater share of the cost of caring for elderly people from taxpayers to those recipients who can afford to pay for their own care.
South Korean pension reform urgent to curb elderly poverty
South Korea's next government urgently needs to overhaul the country's out-of-date pension system.
Canada’s elderly abuse cases drastically underreported
Elder abuse in Canada is drastically underreported. And this is not new.
More young professionals key to helping the elderly
No one who has a relative or friend who has required a care or nursing home bed in recent times can be unaware of the problems now being set out so graphically (‘Overstretched, underfunded. Care of the elderly is in crisis’, Special Report).
Shoulder problems frequent among youth, elderly
By Sadeq Dehqan & Katayoon Dashti
Ukraine blaze kills 17 at elderly care home
Seventeen people died when a makeshift home for elderly people outside the Ukrainian capital Kiev caught fire in the early hours of Sunday, the latest tragedy to shake the conflict-raven country.
Scientists search for genes behind healthy aging
Could healthy aging be in your genes? That's the question researchers from Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI) are trying to answer with their long-term ‘Wellderly’ study ― an analysis of the genome sequences of healthy elderly people in hopes of unlocking the genetic secrets behind lifelong health, wrote.
Smart help for phone users
The elderly may find that using a smart phone is difficult and incomprehensible, while the disabled may encounter problems because phone operation requires delicate motor functions. But one inventor saw no reason for it to be this way and has found a solution to the problem.
Almost 50% of elderly patients miscalculate life expectancy
Almost half of elderly people don’t have an accurate sense of how much longer they’re likely to live, a problem that may lead some of them to make poorly informed medical decisions, a US study suggests.
Health risk assessments may benefit elderly
When healthy elderly people fill out health risk questionnaires and get personalized counseling, they have better health behaviors and use more preventive care, according to a new study.

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