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Taking vitamin B6 could help you recall dreams
If you want to remember your dreams, taking vitamin B6 supplements before going to bed may help, suggests new research from University of Adelaide in Australia.
Trump's Dreams of Iranian Isolation
By Julian Lee Aug 6, 2017
Syria's doll-makers: 'I protect my children's dreams'
More than 465,000 people have died in Syria's war and more than 12 million have been displaced — but two young women are determined to keep the humanity of those affected from disappearing into the numbers.
Qassemi: Saudi rulers to take war dreams in Iran to grave
Iran's Foreign Ministry said Saudi leaders will take their wish to provoke a military attack against the Islamic Republic to their graves.
Big dreams but little action for Manila's traffic nightmare
Web designer Maria Zurbano kisses her three-year-old daughter goodbye and sets out in the pre-dawn darkness for a torturous commute through the Philippine capital.
Neural switch can turn dreams on, off
At the flip of a switch, UC Berkeley neuroscientists can send a sleeping mouse into dreamland.

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