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AI early diagnosis could save heart and cancer patients
Researchers at an Oxford hospital have developed artificial intelligence (AI) that can diagnose scans for heart disease and lung cancer.
Living with celiac disease: A life-changing diagnosis
If you’re suffering through stomach pains and digestive problems every day, you are not alone. Thousands of people live with digestive problems in the United States, and few feel comfortable enough to tell their doctors.
Could a Blood Test Spot Autism in Childhood?
Researchers say an experimental blood test has shown promise as a novel way to diagnose autism in children.
Iran outshines regional nations in MS diagnosis
Iran has excelled at diagnosing and treating multiple sclerosis (MS) in the Middle East, said secretary of the 13th International Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Congress, which was held in the capital Tehran on November 9-11.
Clinton cancels California trip after pneumonia diagnosis
Democratic White House hopeful Hillary Clinton faced questions about her health Monday after being diagnosed with pneumonia and falling ill at a 9/11 ceremony, renewing speculation about her fitness barely eight weeks from Election Day.
Test could speed tuberculosis diagnosis in developing nations
The standard test for tuberculosis is well over 100 years old, and can be slow and difficult in remote locations, but researchers working to improve the test may have an easier way.
Timing of autism diagnosis tied to treatment choice
Children diagnosed with autism before age four are more likely to get behavioral therapy and less likely to be treated with drugs than those diagnosed later on, a new study says.
Thousands surviving in UK decades after cancer diagnosis
More than 170,000 people in the UK who were diagnosed with cancer up to 40 years ago are still alive, a report by Macmillan Cancer Support showed.
Bipolar diagnosis may take up to six years
People with bipolar disorder may face a long wait from when their symptoms start to the time they get a proper diagnosis. In fact, a new study reports the average delay is six years.
131 cancer diagnosis centers to be established
A deputy health minister has announced that 131 centers for detecting cancer will be established in 13 cities across the country.
Autism affects family even before diagnosis
Autism may strain family life even before children are diagnosed with the disorder, according to a new study that suggests caregivers and patients alike may benefit from treatment tailored to specific sources of stress in the household.
New tool to improve PD diagnosis
A group of experts working under the umbrella of the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (MDS), have developed a new tool for healthcare professionals that they hope will mark a significant advancement in the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson's disease (PD), especially in its early stages. The results of their study could also have a major impact on the quality of research on Parkinson's disease.
Cancer diagnosis brings income loss for families
The average US adult diagnosed with cancer will miss five weeks of work in the first year and see total family income decline by 20 percent, according to a new study.
Brucella diagnosis made easy
An Iranian researcher has succeeded in developing new method for diagnosis of brucella disease by the electrochemical genosensor. The process of diagnosis will be considerably easy through applying new method.

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