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One-third of common medications can make people depressed
Drugs taken by more than one-third of US adults have depression as a possible side effect, a new study revealed.
UK depressed elderly face NHS discrimination
UK elderly patients with common mental health problems are facing ‘clear discrimination’ at the hands of the National Health System (NHS), experts warned.
Educated people less depressed
Studies indicate that people with higher education suffer less depression than those with lower-level of education, said a senior official of Health Ministry.
Many depressed adults not getting treatment
Most American adults who suffer from depression aren't getting treatment, a new study found.
Depressed patients do well with cheaper treatment
Many people with depression struggle to get treatment for the condition, in part because talk therapy can be expensive, and there aren't enough qualified therapists to deliver it.
Depressed parents affect children's school performance
Children perform worse in school when their parents are diagnosed with depression, suggests a study from Sweden.
Exercise may lower heart disease risk in depressed people
Exercise may reduce the chances of developing heart disease for people with depression, a new study suggested.
Healthy mood spreads through social contact
New research has revealed that having mentally healthy friends can help someone recover from depression or even remain mentally healthy in the first place.
Depressed adolescents face increased heart disease risk
Adolescents with major depression or bipolar disease face an increased risk of early heart disease and may need early intervention to prevent it, according to a scientific statement from the American Heart Association (AHA).
Social skills training needed for depressed people
People with depression should receive specific training and treatment in how to interpret and act in social situations, in a bid to overcome one of the major issues faced by depressive people, according to researchers at the University of Adelaide.

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