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List of world countries retaliating US tariffs grows
India and Turkey have begun implementing retaliatory tariffs against the United States, joining the European Union (EU), China, and other countries in adopting matching measures against US President Donald Trump’s administration.
Three countries protect half the world’s new refugees
Turkey, Bangladesh and Uganda alone received over half of all new refugees last year. Never before has the world registered a larger number of people displaced by war and persecution.
Study finds less corruption in countries where more women are in government
A greater representation of women in the government is bad news for corruption, according to a new study published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization by researchers Chandan Jha of Le Moyne College and Sudipta Sarangi of Virginia Tech.
Some countries do not belong to G7, some should be included: Analyst
Groups like the G7, G20 and the like are overtaken by every day events, so while China which on some accounts is the largest economy in the world is not a member of the G7 industrialized nations, a country like Italy that does not belong there is a member, says an American investigative journalist.
Hunger surges amid deadly conflicts in many countries: FAO
Despite ample food supplies, persistent conflicts and adverse climate shocks are taking a toll on global food security, according to a new report launched on Thursday by the United Nation’s agriculture agency.
‘US punishing Latin American countries because they moving towards China, Russia’
The United States is punishing Latin American countries because they are moving towards China, Russia and other independent nations, an American political analyst says.
Several countries battle record flu, face rising death tolls
The ongoing flu season has strongly affected several countries with at least 129 deaths having been reported in total during the past three weeks.
Israel menace to national security of all countries: Iran's Larijani
Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says the Israeli regime is a permanent menace for the national security of all countries.
UK, US 'must learn from poor countries' to solve aging crisis
The aging crisis facing Britain, the US and other wealthier nations could be partly addressed by adopting initiatives being developed in poorer countries, experts said.
Over 48 countries to take part in IIGFF6's visual arts section
More than 48 countries will take part in the visual arts section of the 6th Iran International Green Film Festival (IIGFF6) scheduled to be held in September.
Poor countries prepare to fight climate change alone
Developing countries, tired of waiting for help from rich countries to arrive and already facing mounting climate crises, are starting their own funds to deal with an uncertain future.
Low- or middle-income countries host 84% of world refugees: UN Chief
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that 84 percent of the world’s refugees are hosted by low-or middle-income countries.
US, some Arab countries not satisfied with JCPOA
AEOI Spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi said the ruling bodies of the US and some Arab countries are not satisfied with Iran's historic nuclear deal as they've found it against their interests .
'Ransomware' cyber attacks reported in several countries
A number of organizations across the world have been hit by so-called ransomware cyber attacks.
Iranians to cast votes in 103 countries
Iran’s Deputy FM Ghashghavi said Iranians residing in 103 foreign countries will be balloted for upcoming presidential elections.

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