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Climate change may be starting to disrupt planet’s seasons
Poring through four decades of satellite data, climate scientists have concluded for the first time that humans are pushing seasonal temperatures out of balance – shifting what one researcher called the very ‘march of the seasons themselves’.
Climate change is responsible for these rare high-latitude clouds
In 1885, two years after a massive eruption of the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa, scientists added a new type of cloud to the cloud atlas. All of the ash and water vapor spewed into the atmosphere created mesmerizing sunsets and other effects around the world, including the new noctilucent clouds — extremely high, wispy clouds that are only visible in far northern latitudes.
How plants use carbon affects their response to climate change
Under warmer conditions, plants can take up more carbon dioxide by using carbon more efficiently for growth, shows a new study.
We need to capture carbon to fight climate change
By Madison Freeman and David Yellen*
'New Zealand can be a leader on climate change'
An environmental group believes New Zealand is making strides in the fight against climate change.
Iraq appeals to UN for help in tackling climate change threats
Crumbling infrastructure after decades of conflict, rising temperatures, and desertification are threatening the security of Iraq today, the country’s water minister said at the UN this week.
Climate change heat covers Northern Hemisphere
From southern California to Scotland, to the misty British Isles and the Arctic coastline of Siberia, temperatures were way higher than ever recorded the last week of June and the first week of July. When temperatures in Siberia hit 90°F, 50°F higher than normal, and the land breeze drove the ice pack out of sight — whether or not there’s an official declaration of a Siberian heat wave is not really relevant — it’s hot.
Australian firms told to catch up on climate change risk checks
Australian companies are not doing enough work to model the risks of climate change and how it will affect their profitability, a new report by a thinktank said.
Scientists demand action as climate change spreads diseases, poverty in Africa
Scientists are calling on African governments to prioritize efforts to deal with climate change as they warn it is spreading fast diseases and poverty on the continent.
Will climate change cause more migrants than wars?
Climate change is one of the main drivers of migration and will be increasingly so. It will even have a more significant role in the displacement of people than armed conflicts, which today cause major refugee crises.
Whatever you eat impacts environment, climate change
The saying goes, ‘You are what you eat,’ so where does that leave those who eat trash, or even just plants? The truth is that all species are connected to each other and the inanimate earth through the simple act of eating; by eating (broadly defined) we are all part of each other. Consumption of food is one of the most direct impacts we can have on the world around us and it’s easily, even instinctively understood. To live, we must consume the lives of others.
Innovation is the solution to climate change
History tells us how technological innovations have improved the quality of life for millions of people across many generations. In the last few decades, the speed at which innovations occur has significantly increased. Technologies have advanced transportation, communication, health care, energy production and space travel.
A third of European cities still don’t care about climate change
Nearly 75 percent of Europeans live in cities, and they emit about the same proportion of the continent’s greenhouse gases. And, yet, more than a third of the cities don’t have a plan to cut emissions and mitigate climate change, according to a new study.
Low-income Californians most vulnerable as climate change exacerbates air pollution
California’s air pollution levels are among the worst in the country, and climate change is making the situation worse, according to a new report from the American Lung Association.
Children's health is disproportionately affected by climate change
Rising temperatures, drought, and weather disasters can threaten people’s health. Nobody is exempt. But …

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