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Lloyd's of London to divest from coal over climate change
Lloyd’s of London, the world’s oldest insurance market, has become the latest financial firm to announce that it plans to stop investing in coal companies.
More money needed to address climate change
For the first time since the World War II we are at a grave risk of leaving the planet in worse shape than how we received it from our predecessors, the President of the UN General Assembly said.
Climate change drives collapse in marine food webs
A new study has found that levels of commercial fish stocks could be harmed as rising sea temperatures affect their source of food.
Climate change is triggering a migrant crisis in Vietnam
By Alex Chapman and Van Pham Dang Tri*
Singapore to boost climate change defenses
Due to its position on the Equator, Singapore may be spared tropical cyclones that last year wreaked havoc in the northern hemisphere.
Climate change is an overwhelming problem
Today’s climate challenge is so far beyond our collective experience that it demands a radically different kind of engagement from senior leadership teams in the private sector. The threats that climate change poses to business, markets, and, indeed, capitalism are peculiarly hard for most top teams to spot, let alone act on.
Nowhere to hide from climate change
The water is nibbling away the beaches of Fiji. Not even the dead are allowed peace of mind. The graveyard of Togoru — a village on the largest island of Fiji — has been submerged. The waves are sloshing softly against the tilted tombstones covered with barnacles. The names have become illegible, erased by the sea.
LES: Climate change is real, caused by humans
Climate change is real, and is caused at least in part by humans, said the Lincoln Electric System (LES) in its legislative guidelines.
Fighting climate change with bioenergy may do ‘more harm than good’
A new study finds land-use like grazing and managing forests for resource extraction may have released more carbon than previously thought. Its results indicate the world’s terrestrial vegetation is currently sequestering less than half its full carbon-storage potential.
Power potential of renewable energy sources being harmed by climate change
Climate change is affecting wind energy’s potential to provide power, diminishing a renewable energy source that scientists and policymakers are counting on to replace fossil fuels, according to two scientific studies.
How amateur weathermen are tackling climate change in India
When the skies over the south Indian city of Chennai darken with rain clouds, K. Srikanth’s inbox starts to fill up.
How climate change is making wind power less effective
Our planet is warming, and we’re to blame. Burning of fossil fuels adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, which insulates the atmosphere and traps heat. To try and combat this, countries and energy companies are investing in cleaner energy sources like wind and solar.
Golden eagle migration out of sync with climate change
Golden eagles in North America may have the timing of their migration shifted out of step with a seasonal boom in food they need to raise their young, according to scientists.

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