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Acclaimed Iranian actress: Children & youth filmmakers should be update
An acclaimed Iranian actress said children and youth filmmakers should be updated, adding that the cinema should respect children.
Underfunding to blame for UK child protection 'crisis'
A former Tory children’s minister has blamed the government’s ‘woeful underfunding’ of local authorities for a crisis in child protection that is putting the safety of vulnerable young people at risk.
One in four children live in country of conflict or disaster
A quarter of the world's children — about 535 million — are living in a country affected by conflict or disaster, the head of the UN children's agency said.
Children with mential health failed at vulnerable point
The care of young people with mental health problems is suffering when the time comes for them to move to adult services in England, an inquiry said.
Why US women aren’t having children
The US fertility rate is at a record low. Researchers are quick to look to the economy as explanation yet the falling rate has persisted despite the recovery.
When children lose control
Gone are the days of children being ‘seen and not heard’.
UNICEF slams ‘carnage’ of over 2,200 Yemeni children
The UNICEF chief has slammed the “carnage” of over 2,200 children during the ongoing war in Yemen, warning that millions of other children are currently suffering the agonies of the humanitarian crises in the country.
Social media making children feel more lonely
More children are struggling with feelings of loneliness and social media is being blamed.
Parents pass on love of reading to children
Did you share your favorite childhood book with your children? If you did, you're not alone. Most people do. But did you know it can help your children to develop a lifelong love of reading?
Parents sharing pictures of children on social media put their human rights at risk
Parents who share pictures of their children on social media are putting their human rights at risk, the United Nations has warned.
Children faced with increasing ‘despicable’ violence in conflict in 2017
Over 21,000 grave violations of children's rights have been verified by the UN as a result of armed conflict in 2017, a drastic increase of 15,500 from the previous year, a UN secretary-general special representative said, describing the trend as ‘despicable’.
UN warns of increase of violence against children
Children faced with unspeakable violence in conflict as number of grave violations increased in 2017, a UN annual report said.
Long-term tablet use causes attention problems in children
While the progress of technology and its accessibility improves our lives, it may also impede communication skills in children, and tablets and smart phone use should be very limited for children of all ages.

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