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Scotland has banned smacking children
Smacking children was outlawed in Scotland this week. Remarkably, parents in the rest of the UK can still use physical violence to punish or discipline their children, provided it can be considered ‘reasonable punishment’, a term not properly defined in law. Smacking is allowed in the majority of other nations.
US ban more phthalates in children's toys
Children's toys and child care products will soon have fewer chemicals in them. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted to ban five kinds of phthalate chemicals from these products. The vote was three to two in favor of the restrictions.
Sex traffickers preying on Rohingya children: Report
Sexual predators and human traffickers are flocking to Rohingya refugee camps on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border looking to exploit vulnerable women and children of the suppressed Muslim minority, aide groups warned.
Should small children be banned from watching all screens?
Regulators and program makers are at odds over whether small children should be banned from watching television or using tablets and smartphones.
Flu vaccine age range for children now includes eight-year-olds
Children aged two-eight years can be now protected against flu with a simple, free NHS nasal spray vaccine, following the latest extension to the vaccination program for young people.
Disabled children hate crime reports increasing
Reported hate crimes against disabled children are rising, a BBC investigation has discovered.
400,000 children still displaced from Mosul fighting
Around 400,000 children are still displaced from the fighting for Mosul, one year after the start of a military offensive to recapture the Iraqi city from Daesh terrorist group, Save the Children said.
Children must be taught benefits of immigration in school
Children must be taught about Britain’s rich history of immigration if Prime Minister Theresa May is to achieve her ‘mission’ of tackling racial injustice, the UK’s anti-discrimination watchdog said.
Domestic violence and research on its effects on children
A frequent question regarding domestic violence is whether or not it has a negative impact on children involved. Some hold the mistaken belief that many children are ‘too young’ to be affected, or that since children are so resilient, they are not impacted as severely by the violence.
WHO: Attack on Syria vaccine store leaves children at risk
The World Health Organization said it had received reports of an attack on medical facilities in eastern Syria that had destroyed a store containing more than 130,000 vaccine doses against measles and polio.
Ninety children taken into care each day
Ninety children are being taken into care every day in England and Wales and it's claimed social workers are ‘firefighting’ the most serious cases late into the night.
Lack of sleep damaging academic development of children
Research published recently has revealed that the academic development of British children is being significantly affected by dangerously low levels of sleep.
Original literature leads children's book market in China
Original literature has led the children's book market as children's books have become the fast-growing and most vibrant segment of China's book market.
DR Congo children find refuge in Zambia (video)
As fighting rages in the central African nation, almost two-thirds of Congo's refugees arriving in Zambia are children.
Domestic violence hurts children
Behind the doors of Valeria Marcus’ childhood home was a living nightmare.

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