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New life-saving cancer treatment tied to vision loss
A newer type of cancer treatment may offer the chance of longer survival, but the drugs could also trigger new side effects, such as vision problems.
Former Labour cabinet minister Tessa Jowell dies aged 70
The former Labour cabinet minister Tessa Jowell has died aged 70, her family has said.
Cancer: If exercise was a pill it would be prescribed to every patient
Exercise should be prescribed to all cancer patients, and not to do so would be harmful, some of Australia’s leading experts on cancer have warned.
MEDICAL UT researchers harnessing the immune system with cancer vaccine
Our immune system works day and night to protect our body against harmful organisms that threaten our health, such as viruses or bacteria. These invasive organisms have foreign proteins, called antigens, on their surface.
Lung cancer need not kill — new drugs let immune system fight tumors
A therapy that could make lung cancer treatable is one of the biggest breakthroughs in cancer in years.
Researchers develop new vaccine for post-surgical cancer therapy
Chinese scientists have developed a tumor vaccine that can effectively inhibit the recurrence and metastasis of post-surgical cancer.
Tattoos may someday spot cancer
Tattoos serve many purposes, perhaps expressing artistry, loyalty or love.
Skin implant could help warn of cancer
Scientists have created a skin implant they say could one day be used to help detect some of the most common cancers.
Veteran dubber Zand passes away
Veteran Iranian dubber Bahram Zand passed away after battling cancer for years. He was 69.
Could berries help to fight cancer?
Compounds found in a range of berries may soon help to treat cancer and slow the aging process. According to a new study, the magic resides in their naturally occurring pigments.
'One-stop shops' set to speed up cancer diagnosis
‘One-stop shops’ aimed at speeding up cancer diagnosis are being introduced across England, the UK.
American, Chinese scientists detail how enzyme works to fight HIV, cancer
American and Chinese scientists have identified how a multi-functional enzyme works to fight diseases including HIV infection and autoimmune disorders.
Cancer symptoms:  Two-year-old’s constant tiredness turned out to be a brain tumor
Cancer symptoms can be hard to detect, particularly because they are associated with signs of less serious conditions.
Study: Two drugs prevent heart problems in breast cancer patients
Data released from a large multi-center study provides a view into the effectiveness of two drugs used to prevent heart problems resulting from breast cancer treatment.
Breast cancer screening guidelines may miss minorities
Breast cancer screening guidelines are based mainly on scientific data from white women, and that bias could cause delayed detection of the disease in minorities, researchers reported.

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