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Study: Two drugs prevent heart problems in breast cancer patients
Data released from a large multi-center study provides a view into the effectiveness of two drugs used to prevent heart problems resulting from breast cancer treatment.
Breast cancer screening guidelines may miss minorities
Breast cancer screening guidelines are based mainly on scientific data from white women, and that bias could cause delayed detection of the disease in minorities, researchers reported.
Hundreds of lung cancer patients may be dying early each year
Hundreds of lung cancer patients may be dying prematurely every year as a result of disparities in rates of treatment across England, new research suggested.
Friends' breast cancer affects women's choices of care: Study
Women who've had a friend or relative die of breast cancer say they're likely to opt for aggressive prevention measures if they develop the cancer, according to new research.
Blood test may quickly predict drug's success against breast cancer
A blood test for cancer DNA could predict in two to three weeks if breast cancer is responding to the drug palbociclib, according to researchers in Britain, the UK.
New research could lead to improved method of treating pancreatic cancer
A heating and freezing process known as dual thermal ablation can kill pancreatic cancer cells, according to new research from Binghamton University, State University at New York.
Cancer drugs could treat rare blood-vessel disorder
Researchers have found the genetic cause of a blood-vessel disorder that can cause deadly bleeds and stroke.
Newer MRI may be more accurate, easier for detection of breast cancer
A new type of MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, scan that doesn't use a contrast agent appears better at detecting what's really cancer and what's likely just a harmless lesion, researchers report.
Ultra-processed foods 'linked to cancer'
A link between highly processed foods and cancer has been suggested by French researchers.
Study suggests link between ultra-processed foods and cancer
Scientists suggested on Thursday a link between cancer and "ultra-processed" foods such as cookies, fizzy drinks and sugary cereals, though outside experts cautioned against reading too much into the study results.
Are you eating your way to cancer? Stay wary of ultra-processed foods
Further exploration is needed, but these results suggest that the rapidly increasing consumption of ultra-processed foods “may drive an increasing burden of cancer in the next decades,” warned the researchers.
Polyploidy cells can protect liver against cancer
Polyploidy cells in the liver can protect the liver against cancer, said researchers from the US University of Texas (UT) Southwestern.
Liver cancer symptoms
Liver cancer symptoms can include stomach pains, vomiting and general weakness. The number of cases have more than doubled since the early 1990s.
Prostate cancer deaths overtake those from breast cancer
The number of men dying from prostate cancer has overtaken female deaths from breast cancer for the first time in the UK, figures showed.
Cancer survival rates  improve worldwide, but  slower in poorer countries
Cancer survival rates are improving worldwide, but poorer countries are seeing less improvement than wealthier ones, a new study showed.

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