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Drones with high-tech camera revamp archeology
Scanning an empty field that once housed a Shaker village in New Hampshire, the UK, Jesse Casana had come in search of the foundations of stone buildings, long-forgotten roadways and other remnants of this community dating to the 1790s.
Camera system could replace sensors to monitor premature infants
New cameras capable of medically monitoring premature babies in incubators have been developed as part of the Swiss research program Nano-Tera.
Scientists use laser-based camera to view carotid artery
Researchers from the University of Michigan used a unique application of a medical camera to view the carotid artery to assess risk of atherosclerosis.
Camera able to capture imagery of optical Mach cone
A team of researchers at Washington University in St. Louis has built a camera apparatus capable of capturing moving imagery of an optical Mach cone.
Camera trap captures Persian leopard
A giant Iranian leopard has been framed by a camera trap while revisiting its prey in Siahkal jungles.
Micro-camera can be injected with a syringe
German engineers have created a camera no bigger than a grain of salt that could change the future of health imaging — and clandestine surveillance.
US cop caught on camera wrestling black teen girl to ground at pool party
A US police officer has been suspended after being caught on a video that shows him handcuffing and physically holding down a black teenage girl at a pool party in Texas.

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