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Qatar bans goods from blockading countries
Qatar said it was banning products originating from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain, almost a year after those states imposed an embargo on Doha.
Iran's judiciary issues decree to ban using Telegram messaging application
The Iranian Judiciary says it has ordered to completely block the access to the Telegram messaging application over the harm it has inflicted to the country’s security, culture and economy during the past few years.
Eight months on, is Kenya's plastic bag ban working?
Waterways are clearer, the food chain is less contaminated with plastic — and there are fewer ‘flying toilets’.
Bangladesh court upholds ban on Rohingya marriage
A Bangladesh court on Monday upheld a government ruling banning marriage between its citizens and refugees from Myanmar's persecuted Rohingya minority, who have fled ethnic violence in the neighboring country.
Russian court upholds ban on Navalny running against Putin in 2018
Russia’s Supreme Court on Saturday dismissed an appeal by Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny against a decision by the country’s central election commission to bar him from taking part in next year’s presidential election.
Teachers call for ban on sale of energy drinks to under 16s
Teachers are calling for a ban on the sale of energy drinks to under 16s, because they contain huge amounts of sugar and caffeine and can cause headaches and palpitations.
Trump’s third travel ban faces second setback
A second US federal judge has blocked parts of President Donald Trump’s latest travel ban on people entering the United States from eight countries, dealing another legal blow to the administration’s third bid to impose travel restrictions.
Bangladesh bans three charities from giving aid to Rohingya refugees
Awami League MP Mahjabeen Khaled said the country wants to monitor aid for security reasons
MPs urge action against US move to ban aircraft sales to Iran
Senior Iranian lawmakers called for action after the US House approved new measures on Wednesday that block the sales of commercial aircraft to the Islamic Republic.
Anti-doping bodies demand Russia ban
A group of the world’s leading national anti-doping organizations (NADOs) called for the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) to be excluded from next year’s Winter Games in Pyeongchang over alleged state-sponsored doping.
For Iranian-Americans, Trump travel ban keeps families apart
The Trump administration’s travel ban, while a shadow of its original self, has dealt a harsh blow to the Iranian-American community, where family ties run strong and friends and loved ones regularly shuttle between Los Angeles and Tehran.
Court challenges expected for Trump’s new travel ban
A scaled-back version of US President Donald Trump's travel ban took force on Thursday, stripped of provisions that brought protests and chaos at airports worldwide in January, yet still likely to generate a new round of court fights.
Iran denounces US travel ban on Muslims
Iran denounced the recent US Supreme Court ruling allowing President Donald Trump’s contentious Muslim ban to be partly reinstated, saying the United States is turning a blind eye to the real culprits behind acts of terror on its soil.
Velayati: New US bans in breach of nuclear deal
A senior Iranian official slams a new set of sanctions approved by the US Senate against Tehran as a breach of the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and the P5+1 states, vowing a proper response to the hostile move.
FA to ban for simulation
Players who dive in English football will face bans from next season under new Football Association regulations.

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