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Sales of masks, cleansers for babies  jump amid growing fine dust concerns
Sales of hand cleansers and laundry detergents for babies have risen sharply amid growing concerns over worsening levels of fine dust in the air, local businesses said on Friday.
New research shows why babies need to move in womb
Scientists have just discovered why babies need to move in the womb to develop strong bones and joints.
Babies who look like their father at birth are healthier one year later
Infants who resemble their father at birth are more likely to spend time together with their father, in turn, be healthier when they reach their first birthday, according to new research co-conducted by faculty at Binghamton University, State University of New York.
Babies with normal head size might still have Zika-linked brain damage
Fetal brain damage caused by the Zika virus can go undetected in pregnancy and can occur even if a baby's head size is normal, research in monkeys suggested.
Trump says giving birth to babies in ninth month is 'wrong'
US President Donald Trump has once again left his audience baffled by making another bizarre statement. He has criticized the laws which allow babies to be born in the ninth month of pregnancy, calling for them to be changed.
Preterm babies may suffer setbacks in auditory brain development, speech
Preterm babies born early in the third trimester of pregnancy are likely to experience delays in the development of the auditory cortex, a brain region essential to hearing and understanding sound, a new study revealed.
Moms who eat fry-ups could give birth to more intelligent babies
Eating the traditional English fry-up during pregnancy could help boost babies’ intelligence, according to new research.
Air pollution harm to unborn babies may be global health catastrophe
Air pollution significantly increases the risk of low birth weight in babies, leading to lifelong damage to health, according to a large new study.
Probability calculations: Even babies can master it
One important feature of the brain is its ability to make generalizations based on sparse data.
Israeli rabbis smuggling, selling Jewish babies in US: Report
A recent report has revealed that a network of Israeli rabbis has been actively involved in the underground baby trafficking trade, and smuggling pregnant women from the occupied territories to the United States to sell their newborn babies there.
Why women should have more babies, sooner
New research via the National Center for Health Statistics shows the US fertility rate is at a record low. With the exception of the over-30 crowd, fewer women across almost all age groups and ethnicities are having babies.
Americans keep having fewer babies
Hey stork, you’ve been slacking off — and U.S. health officials know it.
Babies sleep less in parents' room
Sharing a bedroom with a baby is a guarantee that the parents will lose sleep. Now a study has shown the child can miss out too.
Spoon-fed babies more likely to end up overweight
Spoon-fed babies are more likely to end up overweight or obese than babies who are allowed to feed themselves, according to a study.
Babies benefit mentally from dad's involvement early on
Fathers can have a significant impact on their babies cognitive development by engaging with them in the early months of life.

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