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Ink from ancient Egyptian papyri contains copper
Until recently, it was assumed that the ink used for writing was primarily carbon-based at least until the fourth and fifth centuries AD. But in a new University of Copenhagen study, analyses of 2,000-year-old papyri fragments with X-ray microscopy showed that black ink used by Egyptian scribes also contained copper — an element previously not identified in ancient ink.
Ancient DNA offers new view on saber-toothed cats' past
Researchers who've analyzed the complete mitochondrial genomes from ancient samples representing two species of saber-toothed cats have a new take on the animals' history over the last 50,000 years.
Mystery surrounding people of ancient Easter Island deepens
The massive brooding stone figures peering from Easter Island’s hillsides are emblematic of the enigmatic people who once thrived on the dot of land in the middle of the Pacific.
Ancient tree exposes cause of hike in Arctic temperature
Scientists from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) have found an ancient kauri tree in New Zealand that holds the key to the cause of rising Arctic temperatures.
Ancient whales were fierce predators, not filter feeders
Whales once ignored krill, and instead stalked sizable prey, new research suggested.
Ancient German 'sea monster' was earliest of its kind
Scientists have identified one of the oldest known plesiosaurs. The 132 million-year-old remains of the ancient sea monster were recovered in 1964 in northern Germany, but only recently examined by researchers.
Ancient sea worm sports a crowd of ‘claws’ around mouth
Predatory sea worms just aren’t as spiny as they used to be.
Ancient Earth's hot interior caused tectonic plates to sink
Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found that ancient Earth had a viscous mantle that was 200°C hotter than present day.
Iran to launch museum in Persepolis ancient site
The newly discovered gateway to the city of Parseh in the Persepolis, located in Iran's Fars Province near Shiraz, will be turned into a museum, the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) said.
Archeologists uncover ancient trading network in Vietnam
A team of archeologists from The Australian National University (ANU) has uncovered a vast trading network which operated in Vietnam from around 4,500 years ago up until around 3,000 years ago.
Ancient fish fossil reveals human-like jaw structure
Australian scientists have discovered a 400-million-year-old fish fossil featuring a human-like jaw structure.
Are these ancient rock drawing proof that aliens visited Earth?
The cryptic drawings, known as petroglyphs, appear to show two men in helmets with strange weapons – proof that ancient astronauts came to Earth, according to some.
Peering beneath the surface of ancient manuscripts
Centuries ago medieval monks typically used iron gall ink to copy texts onto parchments made from sheepskin or cowhide. Unfortunately these documents grew harder and harder to read over time, in part because the ink would fade from a dark black to a light brown; the parchment slowly darkened as well. The contrast that was once stark slowly grew distorted, often rendering the texts illegible.
Ancient humans may have been mothers to some Neanderthals earlier than we thought
An early wave of modern human ancestors interbred with Neanderthals between 470,000 and 220,000 years ago, a new DNA discovery from an ancient Neanderthal thigh bone suggested.
Ancient adobe structure found in western Iran
Archeological explorations at the Avicenna Petrochemical Complex in Famenin, Hamedan Province, led to the discovery of an adobe structure.

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