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Ancient adobe structure found in western Iran
Archeological explorations at the Avicenna Petrochemical Complex in Famenin, Hamedan Province, led to the discovery of an adobe structure.
Ancient DNA shakes up the elephant family tree
Fossil DNA may be rewriting the history of elephant evolution.
Footprints of ancient village found in south-central Iran
Tal-e Kamin in Marvdasht, Fars Province, includes cultural and residential vestiges from periods ranging from the ancient rural dwelling era of the sixth millennium BCE up to the middle- and late-Islamic period.
Unknown ancient civilization rock art found in NE Iran
In Iran's remote northeast, the discovery of mysterious rock art is intriguing archeologists. Strange symbols engraved on an outcrop of volcanic rock, on top of a mountain, appear particularly puzzling.
Ancient civilizations way out of extremism
Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said extremism could be wiped out through collective efforts and ancient civilizations.
Unknown ancient reptile roamed the Pyrenees
The footprints of a mysterious reptile that lived about 250 million years ago have been identified in fossils from the Pyrenees mountains.
Ancient Earth's fingerprints found  in young volcanic rocks
Earth's mantle is made of solid rock that nonetheless circulates slowly over millions of years. Some geologists assume that this slow circulation would have wiped away any geochemical traces of Earth's early history long ago. But a new study led by University of Maryland geologists has found new evidence that could date back more than 4.5 billion years.
Iranians commemorate ancient festival of Nowruz
Monday, March 20th, marks the grand festival of Nowruz. On this day, Iranians usher in the Persian New Year at the exact moment of the vernal equinox which marks the start of spring.
Ancient giant penguin lived alongside dinosaurs
Penguins are much older than previously thought and their evolution probably dates back to dinosaur times, according to a study of a giant ancient penguin fossil found in New Zealand.
Ancient Japanese paper craft inspiring a new class of materials
Origami-inspired materials use folds in materials to embed powerful functionality. However, all that folding can be pretty labor intensive.
Genetic study may make ancient Incas quinoa a grain of future
Quinoa, the sacred ‘mother grain’ of the ancient Inca civilization suppressed by Spanish conquistadors, could become an increasingly important food source in the future thanks to genetic secrets revealed in a new study.
Scientists find ancient dinosaur collagen
Researchers have isolated 80 million-year-old collagen peptides in the lab. The collagens were found in fossilized tissue attached to the femur of a Brachylophosaurus canadensis, a type of mid-sized hadrosaur.
Iran to use ancient remedy to overcome water crisis
Iran is working on a project to look for water from underground sources in what could take the country back to ancient times when the inhabitants dug deep wells to meet water shortages.
Newfound ancient 'sea monster' is largest yet from Antarctica
About 66 million years ago, an ancient sea monster the height of a five-story office building once gnashed its sharp teeth as it swam around the dark waters of Antarctica, a new study finds.
Iran's ancient dolls to be restored
Three old dolls from the Qajar and the first Pahlavi era is to be restored, said a manager of International Dolls Museum in Tehran.

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