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'Star Wars gibbon' is new primate species
A gibbon living in the tropical forests of southwest China is a new species of primate, scientists concluded.
US wars encouraging homegrown terror: FBI
The US government’s many military operations abroad have been the main motivation behind instances of “homegrown” terrorism in America over the past years, according to a secret study by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
On frontline of Africa’s wildlife wars
Brigadier Venant Mumbere Muvesevese, a 35-year-old father of four, became the 150th ranger in the last 10 years to be killed protecting lowland gorillas, elephants and other wildlife in Virunga National Park last month. He and his young Congolese colleague, Fidèle Mulonga Mulegalega, were surrounded by local militia, captured and then summarily executed.
Wars leave 13 million children withouts school in Mideast : UN
The United Nations has voiced alarm over the “destructive impact” of the deadly wars on children’s education in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), saying violence has forced at least 13 million kids out of schools there.
Congress has given Obama ‘blank check’ to wage wars
The US Congress has given President Barack Obama a “blank check” to wage wars in the Middle East and other parts of the world, says a veterans advocate and social justice organizer in Denver.
Currency wars evolve to avoid deflation
Currency wars are back, though this time the goal is to steal inflation, not growth.

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