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Venezuela launches own digital currency ‘Petro’
Venezuela has officially launched its own digital currency to become the first country with its own oil-backed cryptocurrency.
Iran's EU policy collaborative: Envoy
Iran's policies toward the European Union are collaborative and bilateral relations are increasing, said Iranian envoy in Venezuela.
Colombia needs international help with Venezuela refugee crisis: Pres. Santos
Colombia said it needs international aid to cope with the humanitarian crisis that has resulted from the flow across the border of hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans fleeing economic hardship in their own country.
18 killed as Venezuela army takes control of wildcat mine (Video)
At least 18 people were killed at an illegal gold mine in southern Venezuela during clashes with security forces looking to take control of the area, an official said Sunday.
Venezuela's socialist party confirms Maduro as official candidate
Venezuela's ruling socialist party officially tapped President Nicolas Maduro as its candidate for this year's election.
Venezuela raps US comments on military ouster of President Maduro
Venezuela's Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino has decried US comments about the possibility of the military ouster of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in a coup d'etat.
French president urges more sanctions, pressure on Venezuela
French President Emmanuel Macron has called for increasing European Union (EU) sanctions on Venezuela, just over a week after the 28-nation bloc, which has sided with the Latin American state’s opposition in its anti-government struggles, slapped a fresh series of bans against Caracas.
Colombia calls for plan to help Venezuela out of crisis
Colombia has called for an emergency plan to help neighboring Venezuela, which is grappling with an economic crisis.
Five arrested, others killed in operation to nab Venezuela former police pilot
Venezuela said five members of a ‘terrorist cell’ linked to a police pilot who has defected and who attacked the country’s Court during anti-government unrest last year, have been arrested and several others have been killed in an operation.
Venezuela government, opposition to hold new round of talks
Venezuelan government and opposition delegates meeting in the Dominican Republic will hold a new round of talks on Thursday on resolving the crisis facing the country, the Dominican president said.
Venezuela opposition to unify behind one candidate in 2018 poll
Venezuela's fractured opposition said Friday it planned to drop competing agendas to unify behind a single candidate in the 2018 presidential elections in which leader Nicolas Maduro is seeking a new mandate.
Venezuela frees first of 80 opponents in good will move
Venezuelan authorities late Saturday began releasing some of those detained during demonstrations against President Nicolas Maduro's socialist government, a goodwill gesture to the opposition at the end of a politically torrid year.
Venezuela’s oil industry falling apart
Corruption in the Venezuelan state oil industry, denounced by the government itself, and with former ministers and senior managers behind bars, is the latest evidence that, in the country with the largest oil reserves on the planet, the industry on which the economy depends is falling apart.
Venezuela to use cryptocurrency to evade sanctions
Venezuela has announced plans to establish its own cryptocurrency system to carry out financial transactions and search for new financing options.
Venezuela unveils virtual currency amid economic crisis
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced the creation of a new virtual currency in a bid to ease the country's economic crisis.

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