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Pro-government supporter set on fire as death toll hits 48 in Venezuela
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused opposition protesters of setting a pro-government supporter on fire on the 50th day of the wave of protests, which has gripped the country.
US seeks to bring down Maduro’s government in Venezuela: Expert
Javier Farje, a Latin America affairs expert, believes the meddling of the United States in Venezuela has become “open and shameless,” saying that Washington is seeking to topple the government of President Nicolas Maduro.
Russia vows to send wheat to crisis-stricken Venezuela: Foreign Ministry
Russia has vowed to send several thousand tons of wheat each month to Venezuela in order to help ease the food shortage in the Latin American country.
Protesting pensioners scuffle with police in Venezuela
Elderly protesters braved pepper spray in scuffles with riot police as they marched in the latest anti-government protests in Venezuela.
Venezuela opposition rejects Maduro plan to rework constitution
President Nicolas Maduro's plan for an elected assembly to draw up a new Venezuelan constitution faced headwinds, when opposition parties refused to join the process amid continuing violent street protests.
Looting ravages Venezuela, unrest death toll hits 36
A young man died Friday after he was injured in violence as looting broke out in impoverished Venezuelan cities, an official said, bringing the toll from unrest in more than a month of anti-government protests to at least 36.
Deadly unrest grips Venezuela as students rally
A student leader was shot dead as protests raged on in the streets of Venezuela in the latest spasm of anger vented against President Nicolas Maduro.
Maduro calls for new constitution as protests rage
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called for a new constitution as he fights to quell a crisis that has led to more than a month of protests against him and deadly street violence.
Opposition presses for fresh marches in Venezuela
A top Venezuelan opposition figure called for more marches aimed at taking back the courts and the National Electoral Council that he said had been "hijacked" by President Nicolas Maduro.
Riot erupts in major prison in Venezuela, 12 killed
Venezuelan authorities say at least 12 people have been killed in a prison riot, amid protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.
New anti-Maduro march planned in crisis-hit Venezuela
Protesters in Venezuela planned a high-risk march against President Nicolas Maduro, sparking fears of fresh violence after demonstrations that have left 26 dead in the crisis-wracked country.
Protester shot in head during Venezuela anti-government rallies
A 23-year-old man has been fatally shot in the head during overnight protests in northern Venezuela against the embattled president Nicolas Maduro over the shortage of food and medicine in the oil-rich country.
Three more die in Venezuela protests
Three more people were killed in Venezuela on Monday in renewed violence, raising the death toll in three weeks of massive demonstrations against President Nicolas Maduro to 24, officials said.
'Silent protest' over 20 deaths in Venezuela
Dressed in white, Venezuelan protesters opposed to President Nicolas Maduro marched in silence in several cities to pay respects to 20 people killed in three weeks of unrest.
Venezuela braces for new protest in wave of unrest
Venezuela braced for new marches Saturday against President Nicolas Maduro, after the death toll climbed to 20 in three weeks of violence at protests demanding the leftist leader's ouster.

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