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US considers financial sanctions against Venezuela's oil revenue
The United States is considering financial sanctions against Venezuela to restrict the OPEC nation's oil exports, according to a new report.
Two dead as nationwide anti-gov’t strike hit Venezuela
Maduro vows to “capture all fascist terrorists”
Over 7 m Venezuelans vote in anti-Maduro referendum
President calls on opposition to return to peace
Foes of President Nicolas Maduro said more than seven million Venezuelans cast symbolic votes rejecting his plan to retool the constitution in a strong but not overwhelming showing that left the opposition facing tough choices two weeks before the socialist leader seeks to reshape the political system.
UN urges Venezuela to allow dissent as asylum requests soar
The United Nations called on Venezuela's government to let people take part in an unofficial referendum on the constitution on Sunday and make sure security forces do not use excessive force against protesters.
Venezuela enters crucial week in battle over constitution rewrite
Pro- and anti-government groups are battling fiercely for public support over a contested plan by embattled President Nicolas Maduro to have a new body elected this month to rewrite the constitution.
Maduro sends conciliatory message to dissident Lopez
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro sent what he called a message of “peace and rectification” to freed dissident Leopoldo Lopez, just hours after his release Saturday following more than three years in prison.
Mob attacks Venezuela’s opposition-held parliament in capital
A crowd of people believed to have been the supporters of the Venezuelan government have stormed the opposition-held Congress in the capital, Caracas, beating and injuring lawmakers in the latest escalation of violence in the Latin American country.
Iran calls for closer ties with Venezuela
President Hassan Rouhani congratulated Venezuela on the anniversary of the Latin American nation’s independence, saying Tehran eyes closer friendship and enhanced cooperation with Caracas.
Venezuela hikes minimum wage 50 percent
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro raised the country's minimum wage by half on Sunday to just over $12.50 per month at the black market exchange rate.
Iran urges dialog, no foreign meddling in Venezuela
Iran says the conflict gripping Venezuela could be best resolved through dialog without any foreign interference as tensions escalate between warring sides in the oil-rich South American country.
Venezuela president: Helicopter strafes court in ‘terrorist attack’
A police helicopter fired on Venezuela's Supreme Court and Interior Ministry in what President Nicolas Maduro said was a thwarted "terrorist attack" aimed at ousting him from power.
Venezuela protest deaths rise to 72
Two protesters, both aged 20, died Thursday during anti-government demonstrations in separate regions of Venezuela, bringing the total deaths in more than two months of protests to 72, officials said.
Venezuela opposition rallies behind attorney against government
Venezuelan opposition lawmakers filed fresh court cases against planned crisis reforms, raising pressure on the government in a deadly political struggle after a similar challenge by a senior official.
Pro-government supporter set on fire as death toll hits 48 in Venezuela
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused opposition protesters of setting a pro-government supporter on fire on the 50th day of the wave of protests, which has gripped the country.
US seeks to bring down Maduro’s government in Venezuela: Expert
Javier Farje, a Latin America affairs expert, believes the meddling of the United States in Venezuela has become “open and shameless,” saying that Washington is seeking to topple the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

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