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Unique microbe could thrive on Mars, help future manned missions
New research suggested certain cyanobacteria could thrive on Mars. The microbes could even be used to provide future space colonies with oxygen.
Minakari: Unique, ancient art of Isfahan
Minakari or enameling is the art of coloring and ornamenting the surface of metals by fusing over it brilliant colors that are decorated in an intricate design.
Unique composition of breastmilk may help reduce food sensitization in infants
The unique composition of a mother's breastmilk may help to reduce food sensitization in her infant, reported researchers at the University Of California San Diego School Of Medicine with colleagues in Canada.
Aging has unique effects on tendons
A study at the University of Liverpool reveals that as tendons age they affect gene expression in men and women in distinct and opposite ways.
Iran signs deal over ‘unique’ floating LNG scheme
Iran has finalized a contract which could provide it with a crucial access to global markets of liquefied natural gas (LNG) it had been denied for years as a result of US sanctions.
Texas floodwaters pose unique health risks
Catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Harvey increases the risk of ills ranging from skin rashes to bacterial and viral infections and mosquito-borne disease, US public health officials warned.
Scientists attempt to measure what makes a voice unique
What are the acoustic qualities that make a voice unique? What makes a voice recognizable over the telephone?
Study reveals unique surface structures on cat's tongue
Anyone who's ever been licked by a cat knows the texture unique to the feline tongue — like wet sandpaper. A cat's tongue is adorned by tiny hooks, protrusions that grab and pull like Velcro.
Iran victorious on dispute with US over 3k unique fossils
Iran has emerged victorious in a decades-long legal wrangling with the US over the return of 3,000 ancient fossils.
Unique phononic filter can better detect RF signals
A unique filtering technology that combines light and sound waves on a single chip is expected to better detect radar and communications frequencies.
Saveh Jame’ Mosque unique
The historical city of Saveh in Markazi Province, located on the ancient Silk Road, has captured the attention of many kings and rulers throughout history.
Kermanshah monuments unique
Kermanshah, the center of Kermanshah province, is located in the middle of the western part of Iran.
Female collector:  Iranian shoes unique
Many Iranian antiques and valuable items, which have been enthused the country’s rich history and ancient civilization, are currently kept in museums or owned by private collectors.

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