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UN: 582,000 Rohingya crossed into Bangladesh
Some 582,000 Rohingya refugees have now fled Myanmar for Bangladesh since late August, the United Nations said Tuesday, warning that thousands more were still stranded at the border.
UN Human Right's Council elects 15 new members (Video)
The UN general assembly has voted to elect members of the Geneva-based Human Rights Council. While the council is often hailed as one of the most instrumental pillars of the UN, the membership criteria often fall short of expectations as some of the world’s biggest rights violators end up at the helm of this powerful body. PRESSTV’s Susan Modaress reports from New York.
UN chief ‘deeply regrets’ US withdrawal from UNESCO
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has expressed regrets over the US administration’s decision to pull out of the UN Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) over what Washington calls its “anti-Israel bias.”
US withdraws from UN's cultural agency UNESCO
The United States announced on Thursday it was withdrawing from UNESCO, the UN’s cultural and educational agency, complaining about how it is run and about what Washington described as bias against Israel.
UN: Myanmar's 'systematic' crackdown on Rohingya aimed at permanent expulsion
The United Nations says Myanmar's "systematic" crackdown on the persecuted Rohingya Muslim community is aimed at permanently expelling them from their home in Rakhine state.
UN: Army in 'systematic' campaign to drive Rohingya from Myanmar
Myanmar's "systematic" crackdown on the Rohingya is aimed at permanently expelling the minority Muslim community from their home in Rakhine state, the United Nations said Wednesday.
Austria: Iran deal will stand without US
Austria’s permanent representative to the United Nations (UN) said the Iran nuclear deal will continue to stand even if the United States, which is a party to the agreement, withdraws from it.
8 dead, 20 missing in refugee shipwreck off Tunisia coast: UN migration agency
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) says at least eight people lost their lives and 20 others went missing after a refugee boat collided with a Tunisian ship off the coast of the North African country.
Trump administration under false assumptions on Iran deal: UN ambassador
Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations Gholam-ali Khoshroo said if the US wishes to remain credible in future multilateral negotiations, it cannot attempt to scuttle the JCPOA.
Amnesty: UN 'caved in to pressure' in report on Saudi coalition child deaths
The international community has caved in to political pressure by watering down criticism of the Saudi Arabia-led coalition’s grave violations of international law in the UN Secretary-General’s annual Children and Armed Conflict report, said Amnesty International.
Saudi Arabia rejects UN blacklisting over children deaths in Yemen (Video)
Saudi Arabia on Friday rejected a United Nations report blaming a Saudi-led military coalition for killing or injuring 683 children in Yemen and attacking dozens of schools and hospitals as ‘inaccurate and misleading’.
EU chief urges Myanmar to take back Rohingya refugees
EU President Donald Tusk on Friday urged Myanmar to adhere to its international rights obligations and allow Rohingya refugees to return after weeks of violence that have forced more than half a million to flee to Bangladesh.
UN blacklists Saudi-led coalition for killing children in Yemen
The Saudi Arabia-led coalition fighting in Yemen was Thursday placed on a UN blacklist for killing and maiming children, drawing fresh calls from rights groups to step up pressure on Riyadh over the conflict.
UN report: Acts of terror kill 203 Iraqis, 400 injures
A total of 203 Iraqi civilians were killed and another 389 injured in acts of terrorism, violence and armed conflict in Iraq in September 2017, according to casualty figures recorded by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI).
Iran’s UN envoy: ME wars impede achieving sustainable development
Ambassador to United Nations said Monday that ongoing wars in the Middle East are a hindrance to sustainable development, adding that such wars have extensively spread poverty in the region.

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