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Separate shootings in Texas leave five dead, one child
Three separate shootings in the US state of Texas have left five people dead, including a seven-year-old boy.
Texas prosecutor fired after intoxicated outburst with Uber driver
A Dallas assistant district attorney was fired after she drunkenly insulted and threatened an Uber driver and accusing him of kidnapping her while he gave her a ride home.
Air Force blunder allowed Texas shooter (Video)
The US Air Force said on Monday it failed to provide information as required about a Texas shooter's criminal history to a US law enforcement database ― something that should have blocked any legal access to firearms in the United States.
Texas shooting was not just a random act of violence: Governor
US President Donald Trump says the United States was living in "dark times" as the country grieves a massacre at a church in the state of Texas that left 26 dead, but he insisted the latest gun violence tragedy cannot be blamed on firearms.
Texas church shooting kills at least 26
A man with an assault rifle killed at least 26 people and wounded 20 in a rural Texas church during Sunday services, adding the name of Sutherland Springs to the litany of American communities shattered by mass shootings.
Eight people killed in Texas shooting
Authorities in Texas said that at least eight people are dead, including a gunman, after a shooting at a home in the city of Plano.
Six-month-old 'ripped' from parents' arms in Harvey flooding
Authorities in a suburb north of Houston said a six-month-old baby was swept away last week in Harvey flooding, The Houston Chronicle reported.
Hurricane Harvey: Texas governor warns bill could be $180b
Texas Governor Greg Abbott has said the bill for reconstruction after Hurricane Harvey could be as high as $180 billion (£138 billion).
Storm damage in Texas could reach up to $180 billion - governor
Extensive damage left by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, the US is estimated at between $150 billion (115.81 billion pounds) to $180 billion, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said on Sunday, which could be more than 20 times bigger than the $7.85 billion initial funding requested by US President Donald Trump from Congress last week.
Chemical plant flooded after Harvey catches fire again
The US Environmental Protection Agency said Friday that no high levels of toxic chemical have been detected at a Texas chemical plant that exploded and again caught fire earlier that day following problems caused by flooding by Hurricane Harvey.
Texas City loses water as Harvey death toll rises to 44
A flood-hit southeast Texas City lost its drinking water supply and police and soldiers rescued thousands still stranded on Thursday after powerful storm Harvey killed 44 people and displaced more than a million on the Gulf Coast.
Explosions reported at Texas chemical plant
At least two explosions have been reported at a flooded chemical plant near Houston, Texas.
Texas floodwaters pose unique health risks
Catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Harvey increases the risk of ills ranging from skin rashes to bacterial and viral infections and mosquito-borne disease, US public health officials warned.
Texas flood disaster: Harvey has unloaded 9 trillion gallons of water
Words cannot describe the catastrophic situation unfolding in Houston and Southeast Texas. As daylight dawned this morning, the scope of the devastation began to come into clearer focus, and it will probably take months, if not years, to fully recover from damage of this magnitude.
Storm Harvey: Houston battles 'unprecedented' floods
The US city of Houston is in the grip of the biggest storm in the history of the state of Texas, meteorologists said.

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