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Syrian Army recaptures southern Damascus
Syrian Army liberated Al-Zin area in southern Damascus, Arab media ‘Al Mayadeen’ reported.
Iran president vows full support for Syria reconstruction
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the Islamic Republic is fully prepared to help Syria with the reconstruction of the war-ravaged country.
There is no military solution to Syria crisis: Guterres
United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres ruled out any military solution to the Syria crisis following recent US-led airstrikes against the war-torn country.
Militants surrender another area near Damascus to government: State media
Syrian media say Takfiri militants have agreed to surrender another area near the capital, Damascus, under a deal with the government, which enables their exit to northern Syria.
UN envoy to meet with Iranian authorities on Syria
UN secretary-general's envoy Staffan de Mistura is to meet with Iranian authorities about most recent developments in Syrian.
Syrian Army continues operations against terrorist positions in Damascus
The Syrian Arab Army continued targeting the positions of terrorist organizations in the Western Ghouta as part of the military operation for uprooting terrorism south of Damascus.
Train of White House’s regional failures has reached Damascus station
Last Saturday’s missile strikes by the US and its allies in Syria were a conspicuous violation of international laws and an invasion of a country’s territory.
Russia: German chlorine, UK smoke bombs found in Syria
Russia said on Thursday that Syrian forces found chlorine of German origin and smoke grenades manufactured in Britain in the Eastern Ghouta region, which includes a town where a suspected chemical weapons attack prompted missile strikes by the West on Syrian government targets.
Syria says Assad won’t wear award of ‘slave’ to America
Syria sends back to France the prestigious Légion d’honneur (Legion of Honor) given in 2001 to President Bashar al-Assad after Paris joined the US and the UK to attack the Arab country, saying the leader will not wear the award of a ‘slave’ to America.
Takfiri Jaish al-Islam militants return Qalamoun town to Syrian government
Syrian forces have established full control over a town northeast of the capital, Damascus, after the militants controlling the area agreed to hand it back to the government.
Russia: German chlorine, UK smoke bombs found in Syria's Ghouta
Russia says Syrian government forces have found containers filled with toxic chlorine gas from Germany and smoke grenades manufactured in Britain in Syria's recently-liberated Eastern Ghouta region.
Iraqi air forces hit Daesh positions in Syria in coordination with Damascus
The Iraqi air force says has launched deadly strikes against Daesh positions in Syria as both neighboring countries step up efforts to get rid of the Takfiri terror group’s remnants.
Syria gives 48-hour respite to militants to leave southern Damascus enclave
The Syrian army has reportedly given a 48-hours ultimatum to Takfiri Daesh and al-Nusra Front terrorist groups to agree to withdraw from areas south of the capital, Damascus, or face a major counter-terrorism operation in the area.

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