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Pollution sparks 10% rise in cancer cases
Air pollution contributes to a 10-percent rise in people being diagnosed with cancer, a study found.
Mob killing of student by extremist groups sparks outrage across Pakistan
Viral footage showing the lynching of a 23-year-old university student by sympathizes of Wahhabism and Takfiri groups in northwestern Pakistan has sparked widespread public outrage.
China's First Orca Breeding Center Sparks Controversy
SeaWorld ended its breeding of killer whales last year following public outcry. Now China is getting into the business of marine parks.
Sparks fly as culprit sought for Chile blazes
As Chilean authorities battle the historic blazes that have taken 11 lives, burned over 1,000 homes and wiped an entire town off the map, the theories about who may be to blame have spread as quickly as the wildfires themselves.
Aussie minister sparks controversy with ‘illiterate’ refugee remarks
Australia’s immigration minister has sparked angry reactions after warning about the inrush into the country of “illiterate” and “innumerate” refugees.
Police killing of vendor sparks riots in Egypt capital
Clashes have erupted in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, after a police officer killed a street vendor reportedly over the price of a cup of tea.
Messi sparks outrage in Egypt after donating boots
A charitable gesture by football star Lionel Messi has provoked outrage in Egypt, where a lawmaker and football official took umbrage at the Argentine donating his football boots.

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