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Scientists measure proton's mass with record precision
A team of scientists from Germany and Japan have recorded the most precise measurement of a proton's mass.
Scientists find link between vastness of the Universe, cosmos' tiniest particles
The cosmos' tiniest particles and the distribution of matter across the vast Universe occupy opposite ends of the scale spectrum, but they're not unrelated.
Scientists observe gravitational anomaly on Earth
Modern physics has accustomed us to strange and counterintuitive notions of reality — especially quantum physics which is famous for leaving physical objects in strange states of superposition.
Scientists develop experimental vaccines protecting unborn from Zika virus
Two experimental vaccines being developed with the help of Brazilian scientists have been shown to protect the fetus of mice from being infected by the Zika virus.
Scientists develop more eco-friendly way to synthesize spider silk
Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a new, more eco-friendly method for synthesizing spider silk.
Do you live in the world's laziest country?
US scientists have amassed ‘planetary-scale’ data from peoples' smartphones to see how active we really are.
Scientists recover human DNA from mosquitoes
New research proves human DNA can be successfully extracted from mosquitoes and sequenced two days after feeding.
Scientists discover possible existence of new planet in solar system
Astronomers believe they have discovered a new planet in the solar system the size of Mars.
Researchers find secret of a good night's sleep
It is said that a clear conscience makes the softest pillow, but according to a new study the secret of a good night’s sleep is having something worth getting out of bed for the next day.
Scientists baffled by strange sea creatures near Alaska
Strange sea creatures that resemble large pink thimbles are showing up on the coast of southeast Alaska for the first time after making their way north along the West Coast for the last few years.
Scientists design robot to aid visually-impaired schoolchildren
According to UPI, lead researcher Alexandre Foucqueteau, a student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, named the robot Cellulo.
Scientists dust off  long-forgotten weapon to cope with modern bacteria
In 1915, British scientist Frederick Twort saw something weird happening to the bacteria that had invaded his viral cultures: They were disappearing, a sign they had been destroyed. Two years later, French-Canadian microbiologist Félix d’ Hérelle observed the same phenomenon in his own lab.
Scientists find wave's 'sweet spot'
A team of researchers in California have identified a wave's sweet spot.
Scientists discover why wheeled suitcases wobble
French physics students investigated the mystery of why wheeled suitcases wobble and found a solution.
Scientists fear new EU rules may 'hide' forest carbon loss
Leading researchers have condemned attempts to change the way carbon from trees will be counted in Europe.

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