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Scientists measure Earth's rotational forces with underground laser gyroscope
Scientists are preparing to measure the inertial rotation of Earth using an underground laser-based gyroscope.
Scientists develop new surface finishing for 3D-printing
Researchers at Waseda University in Japan developed a process they say dramatically improves the quality of 3D-printed resin products.
Iran: Israel killing nuclear scientists in Mideast
Iran’s envoy to the United Nations’ atomic agency said the Israeli regime has hired hit men to assassinate nuclear scientists all over the Middle East, and yet continues to receive nuclear cooperation from certain countries.
Scientists plan to bring back Mars' oceans
Mars isn't particularly habitable to humans at the moment, but NASA's latest brainstorm could one day bring back the planet's beaches — or at least some of its oceans, Engadget reported.
Graphene can help scientists capture, analyze cells
A new cell analysis method developed by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology could allow simple sheets of graphene oxide to function as a diagnostics device for medical and biological tests.
Scientists developing robots to work in nuclear facilities
A new crop of robots are being prepared to do a job too dangers for humans — cleaning up and decommissioning aging nuclear facilities.
Scientists release snap of the 'heart of Mars’
NASA has released incredible images of what they say depicts the ‘heart’ of Mars.
Scientists study stick insects to better understand speciation
What makes a new species unique? When does a subspecies become a species?
Scientists to attempt North Pole expedition to study climate change
Scientists under the guidance of Mosaic (Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate) mission will attempt a round-the-year expedition of the North Pole or the Arctic Pole to study climate patterns, especially the rapid melting of ice on the pole.
Scientists find way to erase painful memories
Scientists believe they have found a way to erase painful memories from the mind — helping addicts cope with drug abuse and enabling soldiers to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder.
Scientists identify second cause of hidden hearing loss
Patients who complain they can't hear their friends at a noisy restaurant, but pass a hearing test in their doctor's office, may be describing hidden hearing loss.
Scientists invent faster gait for six-legged robots
Robotics engineers often find their inspiration from nature. For six-legged robots, a nature-inspired gait proved an impediment to maximum speed.
Scientists discover gene which triggers fullness
Scientists claim to have discovered a gene that triggers a feeling of fullness and could help prevent the urge to overeat.
Scientists use laser-based camera to view carotid artery
Researchers from the University of Michigan used a unique application of a medical camera to view the carotid artery to assess risk of atherosclerosis.
Scientists make strides in personalized antibiotic treatment
Researchers examined how gut microbes lead to antibiotic resistance to find ways to overcome that resistance.

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