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Pakistan lawmakers rap government plan to send troops to Saudi Arabia
Pakistani lawmakers have blasted a recent government decision to deploy troops to Saudi Arabia, saying the move may violate a parliamentary resolution that urges neutrality in the war on Yemen.
Saudi Arabia says to reduce oil production
Saudi Arabia – the world’s biggest exporter of crude oil – says it will reduce production in March in a move which is expected to help ease market volatility in the wake of increased US supplies.
Saudi jets kill civilians; Yemeni snipers take out soldiers
Extremely graphic footage has emerged, showing a charred body and heart-wrenching injuries after Saudi Arabian warplanes attack civilians in Yemen’s west-central Sana’a Province.
UAE-backed separatists send reinforcements to Aden
Separatists sent reinforcements to Yemen's southern city of Aden on Monday as fighting continued with Saudi-allied militants loyal to the former Yemeni government, a day after the secessionists, who are backed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), seized public buildings.
Yemen: UAE-backed separatists send reinforcements to Aden amid clashes
Separatists in southern Yemen, who are backed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), have dispatched sizable reinforcements to the city of Aden, where they have been engaged in fierce clashes with Saudi-allied militants loyal to the former Yemeni government.
Qatar inks agreements with Oman amid Saudi blockade
Qatar has inked a memorandum of understanding with Oman to promote investment and trade between the two countries amid an ongoing blockade imposed on Doha by a Saudi-led bloc.
Netanyahu confirms 'unimaginable' anti-Iran alliance with Arab states (Video)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hailed close ties between Tel Aviv and some Arab countries, saying that Iran is one of the common concerns of the ‘unimaginable’ alliance.
Jailed billionaire prince says could be freed soon after ‘discussions’ with government
Billionaire Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal, who has been detained for over two months as part of a royal purge, says he will be freed ‘within days’ after ‘discussions’ with the government come to an end.
Yemeni army attacks Saudi-backed militants, inflicts heavy casualties (Video)
The Yemeni army has inflicted heavy human and material losses on Saudi Arabian-backed militants during attacks in northwestern Yemen.
Saudi airstrike kills more Yemeni children in Sa'ada
Saudi warplanes carried out a fresh deadly attack on civilian areas in Yemen’s northern province of Sa’ada to bring the toll from children falling victim to the attacks to seven in less than a day.
Saudi may pocket $100bn in cash-for-freedom settlements with detained royals
Saudi Arabia is likely to bag over $100 billion in monetary settlement deals with princes and businessmen detained as part of its so-called anti-graft purge, a senior government official said.
At least seven killed after Saudi jets bomb Yemen’s Sa’ada
Saudi warplanes have conducted fresh airstrikes on the impoverished country of Yemen, leaving seven people, most of them children, dead and five others injured in the northwestern Province of Sa’ada.
UN calls for $3bn aid for Yemen
The United Nations has called for three billion dollars of humanitarian aid to save Yemen from famine and cholera as the impoverished Arab country has been hit by more than two years of a Saudi-led military aggression.
Yemeni army inflicts losses on Saudi mercenaries in Maidi (Video)
In response to intensified Saudi airstrikes and ground operations, the Yemeni army, backed by Ansarallah fighters, inflicted heavy losses on Saudi mercenaries in a matter of 48 hours. In a single operation over 20 soldiers were killed while trying to advance towards Yemen from deep inside the kingdom. Press TV’s Mohammed al-Attab has more details in this report from the Yemeni capital Sana’a.
Germany stops arms sales to Saudi Arabia
Germany has stopped selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and almost all of its allies waging war on Yemen, in a decision likely to have both an impact on the Riyadh regime and a domino effect on other Western and non-Western countries exporting arms to Saudi Arabia.

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