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Researchers discover new tectonic plate
A team of researchers from Rice University in Texas have discovered a new tectonic plate off the coast of Ecuador.
Researchers develop improved, potentially safer Zika vaccine
The worldwide Zika threat first emerged in 2015, infecting millions as it swept across the Americas.
Too much age gap may take a toll on your marriage
Researchers said similarly-aged couples are more in sync on life decisions that affect both partners.
Researchers set new record for tape storage
Researchers have set a new world record for magnetic tape storage.
Researchers identify way, drugs for nerve damage treatment
Research led by Chinese scientists may lead to a potential new therapy for the currently untreatable delayed neuropathy caused by acute exposure to insecticides or chemical weapons that attack the nervous system, a study published in the journal Cell Discovery revealed.
Researchers working on centralized control over autonomous cars, drones
A team of scientists at Stanford University are developing the infrastructure to centrally manage autonomous cars and drones.
Researchers crack the smile, describing three types by muscle movement
The smile may be the most common and flexible expression, used to reveal some emotions, cover others and manage social interactions that have kept communities secure and organized for millennia.
Researchers devise way to boost sensitivity of medical tests
Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) have discovered a simple way, by adding polydopamine to diagnostic tests for medicine and common assays for laboratory research at a key step, to raise the accuracy of these tests.
Researchers grow functioning liver tissue in mice
Researchers said they were able to coax tiny ‘seeds’ of liver tissue into fully functioning livers in mice.
Iranian researchers produce non-toxic rodenticide
Iranian researchers managed to produce a non-toxic rodenticide using nanotechnology.
Researchers create antioxidant-rich purple rice
Researchers in China have successfully created genetically modified purple rice that is rich in antioxidants and thus has the potential to reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases.
Researchers create tiny sensor using 'white graphene'
Researchers have developed a new method for creating tiny mechanical sensors using ‘white graphene’.
Researchers call for US policies on drugs to be based on neuroscience
A team of Stanford University neuro-scientists and legal scholars argues that drug policies in the US are at times exactly the opposite from what science-based policies would look like.
Researchers develop landmark achievement in walking technology
Researchers at the College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a novel design approach for exoskeletons and prosthetic limbs that incorporates direct feedback from the human body.
Researchers build first deployable, walking, soft robot
Researchers have built the first robot made of soft, deployable materials that is capable of moving itself without the use of motors or any additional mechanical components.

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