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Researchers produce anticancer drug with active ingredient
Iranian researchers have succeeded in laboratory synthesis, optimization of the synthesis at higher scale and production of anti-cancer drugs with active ingredient at an industrial scale.
Researchers use artificial materials to enhance effectiveness of lasers
Metamaterials are substances engineered to have properties that are not found in nature. They are made from assemblies of multiple elements fashioned from composite materials and are capable of manipulating electromagnetic waves, for example, to make things invisible.
Researchers create 3D beating heart
Matters of the heart can be complicated, but York University scientists have found a way to create 3D heart tissue that beats in synchronized harmony, like a heart in love, that will lead to better understanding of cardiac health and improved treatments.
Researchers invent process to produce car tires from trees, grass
A team of researchers, led by the University of Minnesota, has invented a new technology to produce automobile tires from trees and grasses in a process that could shift the tire production industry toward using renewable resources found right in our backyards.
Researchers test moon-formation theories
In 1945, researchers detonated the first nuclear bomb at a test site in the New Mexico desert.
Researchers develop test to detect early signs of pancreatic cancer
A simple blood test that detects pancreatic cancer before it spreads has been developed by scientists.
Researchers develop technique for safer uranium extraction
Chemistry researchers at Oregon State University (OSU) have developed a new technique for the separation of uranium, a key part of the nuclear fuel cycle, to be more safely and efficiently.
Researchers turn graphene into working OLED electrodes
For the first time, scientists have fashioned working OLED — an organic light-emitting diode — electrodes out of graphene. The breakthrough could pave the way for a variety of smart material applications.
Researchers publish first video of ruby seadragons in the wild
A research team led by scientists at the University of California San Diego has published the first live recording of ruby seadragons.
Researchers quantify viper strike with high-speed video
A research team led by scientists at the University of California, Riverside quantified a rattlesnake's strike using high-speed video.
Researchers reveal world's most precise metronome
Scientists in Germany have synchronized a system of lasers with record precision.
Researchers get first look at new, extremely rare galaxy
Approximately 359 million light-years away from Earth, there is a galaxy with an innocuous name (PGC 1000714) that doesn't look quite like anything astronomers have observed before.
Researchers hope to make concrete tougher
Calcium silicate hydrate, or C-S-H, accounts for the strength of cement and cement-based materials. It is the component of cement paste that holds concrete together.
Investigators create tiny laser using silver nanoparticles
Scientists in Finland have paved the way for a new breed of ultrafast nanoscale lasers. Researchers at Aalto University have created a laser that works at such minuscule scales, the light can bounce back and forth just a few hundred times.

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