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Research unveils new promising biofuel
New research indicates that poplar trees could be an economically viable biofuel material.
New generation cancer drug 'holds hope for HIV cure': Research
A new generation cancer drug holds out the hope of a ‘cure’ for HIV patients, research has shown.
Research refutes theory linking family income, genetics, brain development
Researchers have debunked a popular theory linking socioeconomic status, genetics and cognitive development.
Two cups of tea a day could reduce cancer risk: Research
Cancer risk could be reduced by drinking a type of tea, a research claimed.
Metasurface generates new states of light for fundamental research
There's nothing new thing under the sun — except maybe light itself.
Reusable construction materials: Research collab
A research collaboration on sustainable construction materials has been signed between the University of Luxembourg and Empa, a Swiss structural engineering research laboratory at ETH Zürich.
US military says collecting Russian DNA for ‘research purposes’
The US Air Force says it is collecting Russian DNA samples for “research” purposes only, after Russian President Vladimir Putin raised concerns about the practice and its possible use in biological warfare.
Social media data use needs tighter research controls
Information shared on social media is being regularly used in research projects without users' consent, a study suggested.
Research findings could lead to safer, more powerful lithium-ion batteries
Virginia Commonwealth University researchers are working to improve conductivity and safety in lithium-ion batteries, which are used to power many electronic devices around the world, including laptops, iPods, satellites, artificial hearts and cell phones.
New research: How plants decide what shape to grow new leaves
How do plant cells know how to organize into the proper pattern as new leaves form? New research offers clues.
Doctor's research could buy time for snake bite victims
A researcher at the University of Arizona is experimenting with a new therapy to help treat rattlesnake bites.
Research sheds light on overlooked aspect of ferroelectric materials
Researchers at the University of Arkansas investigating critical properties of ferroelectric thin films — which have applications in sensors, actuators and memory devices — have shed light on an overlooked phase of the material.
Hemingway museum closed; research, writing center planned
The Ernest Hemingway Museum in the US, located just a short walk from the home where the author was born, opened its doors, but the Village of Oak Park won't be losing any of its Hemingway history.
University launches research center on global poverty
The Center on Global Poverty and Development will join students and faculty from across the university and connect them with policymakers and business leaders committed to fighting poverty.
Superconductivity research reveals potential new state of matter
A potential new state of matter is being reported in the journal Nature, with research showing that among superconducting materials in high magnetic fields, the phenomenon of electronic symmetry breaking is common.

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