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Doctor's research could buy time for snake bite victims
A researcher at the University of Arizona is experimenting with a new therapy to help treat rattlesnake bites.
Research sheds light on overlooked aspect of ferroelectric materials
Researchers at the University of Arkansas investigating critical properties of ferroelectric thin films — which have applications in sensors, actuators and memory devices — have shed light on an overlooked phase of the material.
Hemingway museum closed; research, writing center planned
The Ernest Hemingway Museum in the US, located just a short walk from the home where the author was born, opened its doors, but the Village of Oak Park won't be losing any of its Hemingway history.
University launches research center on global poverty
The Center on Global Poverty and Development will join students and faculty from across the university and connect them with policymakers and business leaders committed to fighting poverty.
Superconductivity research reveals potential new state of matter
A potential new state of matter is being reported in the journal Nature, with research showing that among superconducting materials in high magnetic fields, the phenomenon of electronic symmetry breaking is common.
Research reveals how neurons communicate
New research at the University of Pittsburgh suggested scientists have misunderstood the neuron communication process, specifically the dopamine release mechanism.
Moms with postnatal depression more likely to have difficult children
Mothers with postnatal depression are more likely to have difficult children, new research revealed.
Quit smoking, reduce obesity and keep learning new things to cut dementia risk
Research shows that 35% of dementia cases can be prevented if people increase early life education, reduce mid-life hearing loss, obesity and high blood pressure, and stop smoking.
Research finds why rappelling spiders spin in control
Researchers found in a recent study that spider silk partially yields when twisted, which prevents rappelling spiders from spinning out of control.
Research: Maximum human lifespan could far exceed 115 years
The maximum human lifespan could far exceed previous predictions, according to work that challenges the idea that humans are approaching a hard limit on longevity.
Research reveals two black holes moving in relation to each other
New research published in Astrophysical Journal reveals that one of the two black holes in a gigantic, bulging galaxy about 750 million light years from Earth seems to be orbiting around the other.
Research suggests US teens as inactive as 60-year-olds
Here's some compelling evidence that Americans have become a sedentary bunch: Research suggests that the average teen is no more active than the average 60-year-old.
Velayati underlines Iran-Sweden research cooperation
Head of the Strategic Research Center of Iran's Expediency Council Ali Akbar Velayati stressed the need for close regional and international cooperation between Iranian and Swedish research centers.
New research on how the brain makes preference-based decisions
Researchers have found a direct window into the brain systems involved in making every day decisions based on preference.
OSU steps up research on robotics, intelligent systems
The College of Engineering at Oregon State University (OSU) has established a new research institute to advance the theory, design, development and deployment of robots and intelligent systems able to interact with people.

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