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US pressing ahead with plan to divide Syria: Pundit
American authorities are pushing forward their plan of having a foothold in Syria through dividing the Arab country into pieces, says an analyst.
Egypt judiciary under influence of military: Pundit
Former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak has walked free from a military hospital, where he spent much of his six-year detention over a series of charges, including ordering massacre of protesters in the 2011 uprising that ended his 30 year rule. A top appeals court cleared the former president of charges of killing of protesters.
Raqqah liberation, an opportunity for Damascus: Pundit
The United States and Turkey are mulling a joint operation to attack the Syrian city of Raqqah, but they have differences about using Kurdish forces in the battle. Given the fact that the American and Turkish forces do not have any permission from the Syrian government to be present in the Arab country or even carry out any military operation there, the future of Raqqah after such a liberation by the US and Turkey is a question that Press TV has put to two panelists.
Saudi Arabia seeks to impose its will on Yemenis: Pundit
Saudi Arabia which has been engaged in a relentless bombing campaign against Yemen since March 2015, has declared the country's western port city of Hudaydah a military zone.
US Iranophobic claims complete lunacy: Pundit
A political analyst has described as "ludicrous" the US policy of demonizing Iran as a threat to the world stability and "sponsor of terrorism."
Ayatollah Rafsanjani giant pillar of Islamic Revolution: Pundit
The Demise of Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a former Iranian president and chairman of the Expediency Council, has shocked the Iranian nation. Top figures from around the world have underlined that the late Ayatollah was a symbol of moderation and wisdom in the Islamic Republic. He played a key role before and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution of 1979.
Donald Trump scapegoating policy emboldens extremists: Pundit
Some 867 hate crimes have been reported in 10 days immediately following the surprising victory of President-elect Donald Trump in the US presidential election, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Approximately 40 percent of the hate crimes involved people explicitly invoking the president-elect’s name or his campaign slogan, SPLC says. African Americans, Muslims, immigrants, women and other communities have all been targeted in different ways and occasions.
US seeking to talk to Iran on non-nuclear issues: Pundit
The US House of Representatives has passed a legislation to bar the government from facilitating the sales of aircraft to Iran, prompting speculations that Washington is ignoring its obligations under a nuclear deal between Iran.
US president-elect unable to throw JCPOA away: Pundit
While US president-elect, Donald Trump, has bashed the Obama administration for signing a nuclear agreement with Iran, there are speculations that the United States as a member of the P5+1 group is expected to fulfill its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
Riyadh government may have been behind bombings in Saudi Arabia: Arab pundit
The Saudi government may have orchestrated the recent triple bombings in Saudi Arabia as a ploy to portray itself as a victim of the Daesh terrorist group — as opposed to the common belief that Riyadh is a sponsor of the group — and push forward other political agendas, says an eminent Arab journalist.
Daesh trying to ignite sectarian war in Syria: Pundit
Press TV has interviewed Kevork Almassian, a member of the German Center for Eurasian Studies in Hamburg, to discuss a terrorist attack on a holy shrine in the suburbs of Damascus.
Pundit : Trump exploits angst within segments of society
US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump uses the angst of segments of the American society who see their standard of living falling to fuel his campaign, says Professor Dennis Etler, who has a decades-long interest in politics.
Pundit : Trump’s remarks on Veterans Affairs not realistic
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s remarks about problems in the Department of Veterans Affairs do not reflect realities, says a political commentator.
Pundit : US attempting to project naval power into South China Sea
The United States is engaged in a “vainglorious attempt” to project its naval power into the South China Sea, but Beijing will not fall into Washington’s trap, an American political pundit said.
Pundit : Top US diplomat, Saudi king met to deceive public
The recent meeting between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Saudi monarch Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was aimed at diverting attention from realities and deceiving the public, a political analyst said.

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