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Iran plans to eradicate hepatitis B syndrome
Iran is planning to eradicate the risk of spreading hepatitis B virus via blood transmission, an Iranian health official was quoted as saying by Mehr News Agency.
Iran plans to increase gas storage capacity
Iran is likely to increase the number of its natural gas storage facilities by five, a senior Iranian gas official said.
Investors to scour outlooks for US companies' tax cut plans
Corporate results for 2017’s final quarter will start pouring in next week and are expected to be laden with one-time charges as US companies begin to cope with tax code changes, including a one-time tax on trillions of dollars in profits held overseas.
Israel approves plans for nearly 1,292 settler units in WB
Israeli authorities have approved plans for construction of 1,292 settler homes in the occupied West Bank, a settlement watchdog NGO reports.
Why teens need to understand care plans for dying parents
When children lose a parent during adolescence, their mental health as young adults may depend on how comfortable they were with the treatment and support provided at the end of their parents’ lives, a recent study suggested.
France plans to end sales of gas, diesel cars by 2040
France is joining a growing movement to force the extinction of vehicles that run on fossil fuels, saying that it would aim to end the sale of gasoline and diesel cars by 2040.
EU slams Israel’s plans for thousand of new settler units
The European Union (EU) has censured the Israeli regime for giving the green light to plans for the construction of thousands of more settler units across the occupied West Bank.
Israel pushes ahead with plans for 3,000 new settler units
The Israeli regime has advanced plans for the construction of more than 3,000 new settler units across the occupied West Bank over the past week, a local NGO says.
Plans to screen 62 pediatric diseases unveiled
Health Ministry will conduct screening for 62 pediatric diseases within the coming months at Children’s Medical Center in Tehran in a pilot plan which will subsequently be implemented nationwide, said the head of 29th Congress of Pediatrics.
Presidential candidates explain plans
Candidates in the upcoming presidential election in Iran explain their future plans if they are elected as president as they have recently started their campaigns for May 19 polls.
Rouhani, Jahangiri talk about plans to address terrorism, tourism
Incumbent President Hassan Rouhani and his deputy Es’haq Jahangiri, both presidential candidates, explain their future plans to deal with such issues as terrorism, tourism and economy as they defend their past performance in office.
Neurosurgeon plans to bring deceased back to life
Dead people who have been cryogenically frozen could be brought back to life within three years — by having their brains transplanted into in a new body, a pioneering neurosurgeon claimed.
Plans to provide electronic services to schools
The Sixth Development Plan (2017-2022) has assigned the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to prepare plans to make all Iranian schools smart and supply electronic textbooks, said the deputy communications minister for planning and strategic supervision.

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