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Some patients more likely to get antibiotics they don't need
Some patients are more likely than others to get antibiotics they don't need, new research found.
UK doctors refusing urgent surgeries due to bed shortage
Doctors in the UK have been refusing to perform urgent surgeries on patients with potentially fatal diseases due to serious shortage of intensive care beds in British hospitals.
Brexit could leave patients unable to access new drugs
Patients could face long delays obtaining new drugs or be denied access to them altogether as a result of Brexit, a coalition of doctors, UK’s National Health Service (NHS) bosses and pharmaceutical firms warned.
NeoMano, a robotic glove for patients with paralysis
Patients with spinal cord injuries, according to assistive technology company Neofect, face three major challenges navigating their day to day lives: Opening and closing doors, brushing their teeth and picking up objects like a glass of water.
Married heart patients more likely than singles to survive
People with heart disease have better long-term survival odds when they are married, a recent study suggested.
AI early diagnosis could save heart and cancer patients
Researchers at an Oxford hospital have developed artificial intelligence (AI) that can diagnose scans for heart disease and lung cancer.
NHS patients facing delays for operations
Hospitals in England are being told to delay pre-planned operations and routine outpatient appointments until January 31 due to winter pressures.
Iraqi patients receiving medical treatment in Iran
Iraqi patients are receiving medical treatment in Iran based on the globally-accepted standards, an Iranian health official said on Saturday.
Number of patients waiting over six months for surgery up 40%
The number of patients waiting more than six months for surgery in England was 40 percent higher in September than the same month last year, according to analysis by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS).
Surgery patients commonly overestimate pain before operations
Many patients overestimate the amount of pain they'll experience after surgery, resulting in needless anxiety, a new study found.
Patients need rest, not antibiotics: Health officials
More patients should be told to go home and rest rather than be given antibiotics, according to health officials.
After medical errors, patients want doctors to hear them out
When medical errors lead to serious injuries, patients and families may feel better when doctors take the time to listen to their feelings about the mistake and explain what can be done to prevent it from happening again, a small study suggests.
New technique could spare thousands of breast cancer patients
A new test could spare thousands of breast cancer patients from unnecessary chemotherapy by predicting how likely it is to return.

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