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Why youngest siblings are most likely to be parents' favorite
In the battle of the siblings, fighting for their parents’ attention, it is often presumed that the first-born is the favorite. How can you compete with their very first child, after all?
Parents shouldn't pay their kids for chores
Eighty-three percent of parents who give their kids an allowance believe they should earn it by doing chores, according to an annual T. Rowe Price survey.
Parents hear warnings of what teens face today
The average teenager sends 3,741 texts per month. Two billion people, or one in three people worldwide, are on Facebook. And 700 million people post photos to Instagram each month.
Parents, take note! Don’t confuse immaturity with ADHD in kids youngest in their year
A study published on October 9 in The Lancet Psychiatry warns of the risks of over diagnosing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in school-age children who are the youngest in the year. Such children can be several months younger than peers in the same class.
Parents spend 6 days a year trying to get kids to go to bed
Parents spend 140 hours a year getting their child to brush their teeth and get ready for bed, according to new research.
Rohingya children recall horror of losing parents (video)
About 1,400 Rohingya children have crossed the Myanmar border to Bangladesh without their parents, many of them orphans.
Parents increasingly fret about bullying
Ask parents what they're most worried about regarding the wellness of their children as a new school year begins, and stress and anxiety are high on the list. So are obesity and lack of exercise, along with smoking and alcohol and drug use.
Parents of mentally ill teens not more likely to store guns safely
Parents of adolescents with depression or bipolar disorder are no more likely than households without a mentally ill teen to follow safe firearm storage practices, a recent US study suggested.
Three types of parents most likely to raise a murderer
How do you know if you’re more likely to raise a killer than your neighbor?
Science 'for boys' message putting girls off some careers
The idea science is for boys’ is driven into girls before they are able to communicate, a Wales-based academic said.
1 in 3 US parents worry about cyberbullying (video)
With school bells ringing once again, 1 in 3 US parents admits to worrying about bullying and cyberbullying.
Dad creates app making parents’ texts impossible for kids to ignore
Parents have a new tool to help them get through to their phone-addicted kids. A father in Britain has created an app that will send texts their children are not able to ignore until they read the message.
Why teens need to understand care plans for dying parents
When children lose a parent during adolescence, their mental health as young adults may depend on how comfortable they were with the treatment and support provided at the end of their parents’ lives, a recent study suggested.

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