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Oldest plants on Earth discovered
The origins of plants may go back hundreds of millions of years earlier than previously thought, according to fossil evidence.
Scientists prepare to find oldest ice on Earth
The oldest ice core recovered from Antarctica — found roughly a decade ago — offered scientists a history of climate change going back 800,000 years.
World's oldest actor Zeldin dies aged 101
Vladimir Zeldin, believed to have been the world's oldest working actor, died aged 101, after appearing for 71 years at the same Moscow theater.
World's oldest manatee living in captivity
Sixty-eight may not seem that old, but for Snooty the manatee, it's a world record.
Oldest sea turtle ancestor hailed from southeastern US
The grandfather of all modern marine turtles hailed from the Deep South. New research suggests the species Ctenochelys acris was the patriarch of the lineage that yielded the green sea turtle, Kemp's ridley, the loggerhead and many others.
Oldest known ground-edge stone axe fragments found in Australia
A fragment of the world's oldest known ground-edge axe has been found in the remote Kimberley region of northern Australia.

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