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Protecting quantum computing networks against hacking threats
Protecting traditional computer systems, which use zeros and ones, from hackers is not a perfect science.
Think before posting  baby’s photos on social networks
That photo of your toddler running around in a nappy or having a temper tantrum? Think before you post it on social networks. That’s the advice from French authorities, which have warned parents in France they could face fines of up to €45,000 (£35,000) and a year in prison for publishing intimate photos of their children on social media without permission, as part of the country’s strict privacy laws.
ADHD patients show weaker connections in brain networks
Children with attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) disorder may have weaker connections among brain networks that help the mind focus, a new study suggested.
Protein networks help identify new chemo drug
An experimental chemotherapy kills leukemia cells that are abundant in proteins critical to cancer growth, according to new research from Weill Cornell Medicine.
Molaverdi: Social networks weakening family bonds
Being constantly connected to social networks and the rapid spread of modern forms of communication are weakening family bonding, said vice president for women and family affairs.
Culture-building potential of social networks
Significant developments have taken place in the information technology and communications sector, which can be considered a marvel of the century.
Hackers penetrate Israeli military computer networks
Hackers have managed to infiltrate computer networks associated with the Israeli military through using trick emails, which skillfully package attack software.

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