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Turkey gradually moving away from dictates of US: Analyst
Turkey’s plans to buy the Russian S-400 missile defense system and the United States’ threats to slap sanctions on the country for its purchase underscores the rising tensions between the two NATO allies, says an American political analyst.
US general says Turkish plan to buy Russian S-400 air shield systems risk for NATO
The Turkish government’s plan to purchase the Russian S-400 systems would give the advanced air defense shield, used by “known foes” of NATO, deep insight into the US radar-evading F-35 fighter jets arriving in increasing numbers in Europe, the top American Air Force general in Europe warns.
US has used NATO to maintain hegemony over Europe: Analyst
The NATO military alliance has helped the United States to maintain its dominance over Europe’s security and international affairs and keep the continent under its hegemony, long after the Cold War, an American analyst says.
Iran: NATO allegations made under US pressure
Iran has rejected "baseless and unwarranted" concerns voiced by NATO leaders about Tehran's missile program during a Wednesday summit and condemned their "repetitious" accusations against the country.
NATO formally invites Macedonia to join alliance
NATO has formally invited the Republic of Macedonia, one of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia, to begin accession talks to join the Western military alliance, in what is seen as an attempt by NATO to extend its reach in the Balkans in open defiance of Russia.
After Trump's spending demands, NATO summit turns to Afghanistan
NATO leaders will try on Thursday to move beyond US President Donald Trump’s demands for higher defense spending, and focus on ending the long war in Afghanistan, in the second day of a summit in Brussels underscored by transatlantic tensions.
Trump calls Germany ‘captive’ of Russia
US President Donald Trump traded barbs with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a two-day NATO summit in Brussels on Wednesday after he accused Berlin of being "captive" to Russia and demanded it immediately step up defense spending.
Moscow says NATO product of Cold War era
Russia has branded NATO as a remnant of the “Cold War” era ahead of a key summit of the leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization this week.
Ex-NATO chief denied permission to travel to US because of Iran trip
Javier Solana, a former secretary general of NATO, who played a central role in negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program when he was the European Union’s foreign policy chief, was denied electronic authorization to enter the United States because of a visit to Iran in 2013.
Trump urges Canada to up defense spending
Ahead of next month's NATO summit, US President Donald Trump has once again called upon Canada and other members of the North Atlantic alliance to increase their defense spending.
Italy’s pro-Moscow government unnerves NATO
Italy’s new pro-Moscow government has caused cracks in NATO as the US-led military alliance is seeking further measures to deter what it calls the Russian threat.
Israel takes part in major NATO drill near Russia for first time
Israel will for the first time take part in US-led NATO military exercises that kicked off in the alliance's eastern flank near Russia, amid tensions between Moscow and Tel Aviv over Syria.
NATO launches massive drills in eastern flank
Led by the United States, the NATO military alliance has launched massive military drills in its eastern flank near Russia.
NATO says won’t defend Israel in case of Iran attack
NATO’s secretary-general says the Western military alliance would not come to Israel’s defense in case of any possible attack by Iran against the occupying regime.
Santos: Colombia to become first Latin American NATO ‘global Partner’
Colombia will formally join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as a ‘global partner’ next week, becoming the first Latin American country to gain membership of the US-led military alliance.

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