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NASA observatory finds cool,  dense dust surrounding active black hole
A new survey of tori surrounding active supermassive black holes suggested dust surrounding central black holes is more compact than scientists thought.
NASA unveils visionary Mars rover
It looks like the futuristic space truck from Ridley Scott’s film 'Prometheus' but this is NASA’s visionary new Mars rover which could one day provide transport for manned missions to the Red Planet.
NASA shares 3D model of El Niño
NASA has released a three-dimensional model of El Niño, a climate pattern marked by a mass of warm water in the Pacific Ocean.
NASA Sun Observatory sees partial solar eclipse in space
NASA's powerful Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) may seem to have a boring job: Staring at the Sun as a space weather sentinel. But every now and then, the observatory gets a lunar surprise to break up the routine.
NASA's Juno probe forces 'rethink' on Jupiter
An unmanned NASA spaceship circling Jupiter has spotted massive cyclones at the gas giant's poles, revealing stunning new details about our solar system's largest planet, researchers said on Thursday.
NASA to launch emergency spacewalk
Astronauts are having to climb into space to fix a computer in an emergency move.
NASA reveals demolition plan of International Space Station
The International Space Station (ISS) is to be demolished and sent hurtling to Earth in a ‘huge fireworks display’, NASA scientists have revealed.
NASA's Cassini spacecraft sends first images from Saturn rings dive
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has sent back stunning images from its historic dive between Saturn and its rings.
Saturn's moon has three of four requirements for life: NASA
Scientists found hydrogen around hydrothermal vents, similar to those found at the bottom of Earth’s oceans.
Nasa’s space telescope Kepler hit by a cosmic ray event while observing star system
Nasa’s planet-hunting Kepler space telescope was hit by a cosmic ray event during a recent campaign to observe TRAPPIST-1, a star system that hosts at least seven Earth-sized planets only 40 light-years away.
NASA orbiter steers clear of Mars moon Phobos
NASA's MAVEN spacecraft performed a previously unscheduled maneuver this week to avoid a collision in the near future with Mars' moon Phobos.
3 potentially habitable planets that could have water found by Nasa
Nasa has announced the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets of which three could hold life, a find that has thrilled not just the planet-hunters but also the scientific community.
NASA to explore ‘ancient object’ that may shed light on origins of solar system
NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is on its way to explore a small, ancient object located about 1.6 billion kilometres beyond Pluto, nearly two years after its historic encounter with the icy dwarf planet.
NASA finds link between fire and drought in Africa
Researchers have identified a unique link between fire and drought in Africa. Previous studies have shown the role drought plays in bolstering the risk of wildfire, but the latest research does the opposite.
NASA may build ice homes on Mars to protect astronauts
To protect astronauts from the harsh Martian environment, the best building material for a new home on the Red Planet may lie in ice, said NASA researchers.

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