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What NASA's Mock Space Missions tell us about the need for Martian law
This article was originally published at The Conversation. The publication contributed the article to's Expert Voices: Op-Ed and Insights.
Key to alien life could be unlocked by studying an area in Antartica
Most of the ongoing search for alien life focuses on Mars, but of equal importance are icy moons like Enceladus and Europa which orbit Saturn and Jupiter and are similar to Antartica.
What will NASA’s biggest-ever space telescope study first?
Astronomers are scrambling to keep a rapidly approaching date with destiny — a chance to gaze farther than ever before into the Universe’s hidden depths.
NASA tests parachute for 2020 Mars rover mission
NASA plans to send another rover to Mars in 2020. To slow the spacecraft's decent to the Red Planet's surface, scientists have designed a special parachute.
NASA future ‘in doubt’ (+video)
The future of NASA may be in doubt after a shortage of plutonium, which is needed for deep space missions, was uncovered by US officials.
From Legos to Mars rover: Student destined for NASA lab
When the next rover to roam Mars is launched in 2020 as planned, it will roll along with some lessons learned at Walla Walla University.
NASA pushes back launch date for James Webb Space Telescope
NASA's new target window for the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope is between March and June 2019.
Record-breaking NASA astronaut comes back to Earth (video)
A record-shattering NASA astronaut touched down to Earth on Sunday, finishing a 288-day mission that put her over the top as the American who has spent the most cumulative amount of time in space.
NASA sent one identical twin brother to space for a year
Last March, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth after spending nearly one year in space.
NASA reveals secret plan to drill a hole into a supervolcano
Scientists are working on strategies to prevent a supervolcano erupting which could have devastating effects on the world’s climate.
NASA ISS live stream: Watch the International Space Station fly over Earth (Video)
Watch breathtaking footage of Earth live from space via NASA’s International Space Station live stream right here.
NASA is studying fungi to keep space travelers safe in new worlds
Human presence in closed habitats that may one day be used to explore other planets is associated with changes in the composition of the fungal community — the mycobiome — that grows on surfaces inside the habitat.
NASA to test technology for potential future human colony on Mars
NASA is developing small nuclear fission reactors that could overcome one of the last technical barriers to life on Mars.
NASA diligently tracks microbes inside ISS
For NASA and its astronauts, keeping tabs on microorganisms living inside the International Space Station (ISS) is essential.
NASA observatory finds cool,  dense dust surrounding active black hole
A new survey of tori surrounding active supermassive black holes suggested dust surrounding central black holes is more compact than scientists thought.

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