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Iraq investigates fatal US-led airstrikes in western Mosul
Iraqi officials have launched an investigation into two airstrikes by the US-led coalition purportedly fighting the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group that claimed the lives of more than 200 people in the country’s northern city of Mosul last week.
American war crimes in Mosul should be trialed: Shamkhani
Iran’s SNSC secretary Ali Shamkhani condemned the airstrikes in Mosul which killed more than 200 civilians, describing it an act similar to behavior of terrorists who kill civilians.
Iran urges 'war crime' hearing into US killings in Mosul
Iran’s top security official says US airstrikes in the Iraqi city of Mosul which reportedly killed large numbers of civilians in recent days should be urgently addressed in a court of justice.
US-led coalition carried out deadly Mosul airstrike: Pentagon
The Pentagon has acknowledged that the US-led coalition carried out an airstrike in the Iraqi city of Mosul last week that left over 200 civilians dead.
UN deeply concerned over US-led airstrikes on Mosul
The United Nations has expressed deep concerns over reports that more than 200 people lost their lives in two airstrikes by the US-led coalition purportedly fighting the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul earlier this week.
Over 230 killed under rubble after ‘US-led raid’ in Mosul
Hundreds of civilians, mostly women and children, have been killed under collapsed buildings in the Iraqi city of Mosul after a reported US-led airstrike triggered a massive explosion in a residential neighborhood last week.
Mosul parents sedate kids to avoid discovery by Daesh
Aid groups providing assistance to displaced families fleeing fighting between Iraqi forces and Daesh in the western side of Mosul say terrified parents drug their children with sedatives or tape their mouths to avoid discovery as they try to escape.
400,000 ‘trapped’ in west Mosul’s Old City: UN
About 600,000 people remain in the areas of west Mosul held by the Islamic State group, including 400,000 who are “trapped” in the Old City under siege-like conditions, the UN said on Thursday.
ISIL killed, left hundreds of bodies at site near Mosul in 2014-2015
ISIL executed possibly hundreds of detainees between 2014 and 2015, leaving the bodies in a sinkhole eight kilometers (about 5 miles) from western Mosul, a city in Iraq, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said Wednesday in its press release.
Daesh executed hundreds of detainees, buried bodies in Mosul mass grave: HRW
Human Rights Watch (HRW) says the Daesh terrorist group has executed possibly hundreds of detainees in Iraq’s northern city of Mosul and buried them in a mass grave that could be the largest one discovered in the country so far.
Iraqi troops within 600m from Mosul’s Great Mosque: Federal police
Iraqi security forces battling terrorists have reached within 600 meters of west Mosul’s Great Mosque, where Daesh announced its so-called caliphate.
Over 150,000 Iraqis flee amid operations to liberate western Mosul
Iraq says more than 150,000 people have fled fighting in and around the western side of Mosul since security forces launched an operation to retake the area from Daesh terrorists.
Iraqi troops seize main bridge, advance on mosque in Mosul
Iraqi government forces battling Daesh terrorists for Mosul took control of a main bridge over the Tigris river on Wednesday and advanced towards the mosque where the group's leader declared a caliphate in 2014, federal police said.
Iraqi forces recapture Mosul's train station, reach Great Mosque
Iraqi forces have managed to retake the train station in the flashpoint northern city of Mosul and surround the Great Mosque as they continue to purge Daesh terrorists from the city’s western section.
Iraq forces advance after terrorists 'trapped' in Mosul
Iraqi forces on Monday took more territory from the Daesh terror group as they pressed an offensive that has seen them recapture a third of western Mosul and trap terrorists inside.

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