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Daesh terrorists execute seven members of same family in Iraq's Mosul
The remnants of Daesh terrorists have kidnapped and executed at least seven members of the same family from northern Iraqi city of Mosul, months after the Takfiri terrorist group suffered a defeat in the volatile region.
Official: Over 4,000 displaced Christian families return to Mosul after liberation
The governor of the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh says thousands of displaced Christian families have returned to the country’s strategic city of Mosul ever since government forces and allied fighters from Popular Mobilization Units fully liberated it from the clutches of Takfiri Daesh terrorists, Press TV reported.
Iraqi army forces arrest two senior terrorists near Mosul
Iraqi army troops have arrested two high-profile members of the Daesh terrorist group near the country’s strategic northern city of Mosul as government forces, supported by allied fighters from Popular Mobilization Units, continue to hunt for the remnants of the terror network.
Senior Daesh figures still hiding in Mosul tunnels, Iraqi officials
Iraqi security officials have warned that the high-ranking members of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist groups are still hiding in tunnels dug beneath the country’s strategic northern city of Mosul roughly a year after government troopers and allied fighters retook the area from the extremists.
Iraq: Church bells ring again for Christmas in liberated city of Mosul (Video)
On the eve of Christmas, church bells have rung out again at Saint Paul’s Church in Mosul for the first time in three years, after the city was liberated from Daesh.
Daesh executed 741 civilians during Mosul liberation battle: UN
The United Nations says members of Daesh Takfiri terrorist group executed 741 civilians during a nine-month military campaign by Iraqi army forces and pro- government fighters from the Popular Mobilization Units to retake the strategic northern city of Mosul from the extremists.
Iraqi army retakes control of Sinjar
Iraqi army managed to take control of the town of Sinjar in eastern Mosul from the Kurdish forces of Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party without any clash with the Kurdish forces early Tuesday.
NGO: Nearly 700,000 Iraqis from Mosul still displaced
Nearly 700,000 Iraqis from the former Daesh stronghold of Mosul and nearby areas are still displaced despite the city's recapture in July, the Norwegian Refugee Council said Sunday.
Iraq moves 1,400 wives, children of Daesh terrorists to new site near Mosul
Iraqi authorities say they have moved some 1,400 foreign wives and children of suspected Daesh Takfiri terrorists to a new site north of Mosul, which used to be the terror group’s de facto capital in the Arab country, dismissing the concerns of aid organizations.
Iraqi rights group urges Baghdad to sue US coalition over civilian deaths in Mosul
Iraq’s official High Commission for Human Rights has urged the Iraqi government to sue a US-led coalition operating in the Arab country over the death of civilians in the northern city of Mosul.
Iraq military discovers mass graves of 500 Daesh victims near Mosul
Iraqi military investigators said they have discovered mass graves of 500 people in the vicinity of a Daesh prison near the northern city of Mosul.
253,000 civilians have returned to Mosul, Iraqi minister says
Iraqi Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassim Mohammed al-Jaaf says more than 250,000 internally displaced persons have returned to their homes in Mosul after government forces, backed by allied fighters from the Popular Mobilization Units, retook the strategic northern city from Daesh terrorists last month.
Lost children are legacy of battle for Iraq's Mosul
Thousands of children have been separated from their parents in the nine-month battle for Mosul and the preceding years of Daesh terrorist group’s rule in northern Iraq — some found wandering alone and afraid among the rubble, others joining the refugee exodus from the pulverized city.
Mosul residents face challenges upon returning home
At least 700,000 civilians have been displaced by the Mosul conflict.
Iraqi troops found dozens of bodies in Old Mosul mass grave
Iraqi forces have reportedly found a mass grave in the Old City of Mosul, containing the bodies of at least 60 people, mostly members of security forces, who were slain by Takfiri Daesh terrorists as they were fighting the extremists to recapture the country’s second largest city.

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