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Millennials, here's how you can use social media in times of crisis
Millennials are often criticized for their over-reliance on social media. They often prefer online health advice to doctor’s visits; plan their vacation based on the destination’s ‘instagram-worthiness’ and cite social media as their main news source.
Millennials hope to reach life milestones by the same age as other generations
Millennials — young adults in their 20s and 30s — are marrying, buying homes and starting families later in life. But just because they are postponing these major life events does not mean they want to.
For Millennials, sharing your salary is no longer taboo (video)
Millennials have now become the most likely age group to tell others how much they make.
Millennials no better with technology than their parents
It is a typical household scene: A parent or grandparent asks their technology-savvy child to help them use a smartphone, laptop, or camera.
War between millennials and baby boomers
By David Barnett* -------------- Don’t you know there’s a war on? It’s being fought right now, all around us, between the baby boomers and the millennials.

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