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Merkel’s main rival SPD wins state election in Lower Saxony
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party (CDU) suffers a significant setback by losing more supporters in a key state as a rival party and a potential partner in her future coalition government manage to win the elections.
Merkel faces test in state vote before tough coalition talks
German Chancellor Angela Merkel faced a regional vote test Sunday, after winning a fourth term with a disappointing showing that has forced her to embark on high-stakes coalition talks.
Merkel supports German coalition with Greens, Free Democrats
German Chancellor Angela Merkel lobbied party members Saturday to stand behind efforts to build a new coalition with the Free Democratic Party and Greens, saying it's the best suited to govern the country.
Merkel looks for coalition partners after vote (vote)
Germany’s Angela Merkel began the tough task of trying to build a coalition government on Monday after securing a fourth term as chancellor in an election which saw her support slide and the far right making significant gains.
Far-right party entry into parliament poses 'big challenge': Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the entry into parliament of the far-right party Alternative for Germany (AfD) posed a 'big new challenge," admitting that the election results had not turned out to be as good as she had hoped.
Germans warned against apathy as Merkel heads for fourth term
Turnout slipped slightly in Germany’s election despite politicians warning that apathy could boost the far-right, expected to return to parliament after a half century’s absence, overshadowing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s expected victory.
Facing far-right gains, Merkel, Schulz urge undecided Germans to vote
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, poised to win a fourth term in Sunday’s election, and her center-left challenger Martin Schulz urged supporters on Saturday to keep fighting for votes with a third of the electorate still undecided.
The indestructible Merkel wants to run Germany four more years
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is riding high in the polls ahead of September elections, having recovered from a slump in popularity after her 2015 decision to open Germany's doors to nearly a million refugees.
Merkel’s bid for fourth term in office unchallenged, poll says
A poll conducted ahead of the September 24 general elections in Germany suggests Chancellor Angela Merkel is poised for winning a fourth term in office.
Merkel: Putin's proposed UN Ukraine peacekeepers must have full access
Any United Nations peacekeepers sent to eastern Ukraine must be granted access to the entirety of the region held by pro-Russia forces, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said.
Merkel says Turks safe in Germany, dismisses Ankara warning
Turks can safely come to Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Sunday, dismissing a warning from Ankara that its citizens should take care when travelling there due to what it said was an increase in anti-Turkish sentiment.
Merkel ahead as Schulz fails to land knockout punch in debate
Angela Merkel appeared to be powering ahead Monday to a fourth term as chancellor of Germany, after her rival Martin Schulz failed to halt her advance in a crucial televised debate three weeks before elections.
'Send Merkel home', says right-wing rival in constituency battle
Vowing to “shove her off the throne”, Leif-Erik Holm of the hard-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) is mounting a robust challenge to Chancellor Angela Merkel in her constituency as she seeks reelection on Sept. 24.
Merkel calls for extension of EU border controls
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday called for an extension of EU border controls in the passport-free Schengen area beyond a planned end in November.
Merkel has no regrets over refugee policy despite political cost
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she has no regrets about her 2015 decision to open the country’s borders to hundreds of thousands of refugees and added she will not be deterred from campaigning by angry hecklers.

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