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On social media, public officials held to higher standard
It's difficult to imagine American life without social media.
First VP: Gov’t needs independent, courageous media
23rd Press Exhibition officially inaugurated in Tehran
Is social media contributing to rising teen suicide rate?
The bubbly 15-year-old dreamed of becoming a firefighter, a lawyer, or veterinarian. She was passionate about drawing and spending time outside with her dogs in her small town of Bedford, Pennsylvania, about 100 miles east of Pittsburgh in the US.
Social media 'impacts' mental health among young people
Social media is distorting children's grasp of reality and having an impact on their mental health as a result, a support teacher has said.
Schools start cracking down on social media use
Social media can be a great tool, but there are also several downsides to the use of it, especially when in the hands of students. With the start of a new school year, we take a look at some of those pitfalls and what schools and law enforcement are doing to tackle them.
(video) Trump lashes out at media in Arizona rally
President Donald Trump on Tuesday mounted an aggressive defense of his response to a deadly far-right march in Virginia, using a rally speech to condemn "dishonest" media coverage of his widely criticized remarks.
Social media didn’t kill email, but it did change it
Too much digital ink has been spilled over the apparent demise of email. ‘What’s to replace email’, and ‘why email is dead’, are all well-worn topics musing over a thin premise: Social media will replace the well-worn 45-year-old medium. Yes, social media and collaboration platforms are now established, critical work tools. But these tools work alongside email, each channel complementing the other’s strengths.
Social media is ruining the way we recall memories
Social media is hard work. We’re encouraged to share the most vivid details of our lives to an audience and then we wait for people to measure how exciting our memories are by clicking ‘like’.
Social media bingeing 'as bad as junk food' for children
Parents must stop their children from ‘bingeing’ on social media and consuming time online ‘like junk food’, the children’s commissioner has warned.
Is social media the new tobacco?
Instagram, Snapchat and others have a business model based on addiction. This is not how we want to be raising our children.
Saudi tycoon invests millions in renowned British media outlet: Report
A Saudi tycoon has reportedly invested millions of dollars to acquire up to 50 percent of voting rights in the British media organization, the Independent, causing grave concern among human rights and press freedom activists in the UK.
Social media will soon hit 2.5B users
(Facebook Inc.) and other social media company investors have another thing to cheer about: A potential eight percent increase in the number of users that access a social network at least once a month this year.
Iran, Azerbaijan explore media cooperation
Media cooperation between Iran and Republic of Azerbaijan was explored in the visit of the Iranian deputy minister of culture and Islamic guidance to Baku.

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