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Isfahan Music Museum: A popular tourist destination
Two famous Iranian musicians have collected almost 300 kinds of traditional Iranian musical instruments during the past 20 years and used them as the main collection of Isfahan Music Museum (IMM).
Nuclear achievements exhibition kicks off in Isfahan
An exhibition of Iran’s achievements in the area of peaceful nuclear technology opened in the central city of Najafabad in Isfahan Province on Saturday.
EU official: No way for renegotiating Iran nuclear deal
European Union believes that renegotiation on Iran's nuclear deal will not be possible, a senior official of the European Union said on Tuesday.
Iran fighter jets practice carpet-bombing amid drills (Video)
Overnight, fighter planes with the Iranian Air Force have conducted carpet-bombing of mock enemy positions amid the aerial maneuvers in the central province of Isfahan.
Iran Air Force launches large-scale drills
Iran’s Air Force on Tuesday started maneuvers in central Isfahan Province recruiting the service of all the bases under its command throughout the country.
Isfahan, heartland of Iran’s handicraft industry (Video)
Isfahan is internationally known as the heart of Iran’s handicraft industry. Over 100 handicrafts of Isfahan have UNESCO’s Seal of Excellence. They include Malileh embroidery, Qalamkar cloth work, Termeh fabric designs and the eloquent Isfahan carpets. Officials say Isfahan’s handicrafts are sold well in international markets, reported.
Switzerland ready to broaden tourism ties with Isfahan
Switzerland is ready to broaden scientific and cultural cooperation with Isfahan, said the Swiss Foreign Ministry's director general for Middle East and North Africa.
Explosive device discovered in central Iran
Iranian security forces discovered an explosive device planted in a car in a city in the central province of Isfahan on Sunday night.
Azerbaijan Republic orchestra performs in Isfahan
National Orchestra of Azerbaijan Republic performed on Wednesday evening in Farshchian Hall in Isfahan city on the occasion of Azerbaijan Cultural Week in Iran.
Int'l children film festival kicks off in Isfahan
The 30th International Film Festival for Children and Youth opened last night in Isfahan. The international event brings audiences a packed seven days of films for children.
Guidebooks, selfie-sticks arrive as Rouhani declares Iran open to all
Standing in the blue-tiled shadows of one of Iran's greatest mosques, armed with a dish of sesame caramel snacks, Mohammedreza Zamani is a cleric on a mission to repair the country's image in the West, one tourist at a time.
Isfahan boasts highest number of ecotourism resorts
Cultural Heritage Desk There are 365 ecotourism resorts in Iran, of which the highest number is located in central province of Isfahan, said director general of Iran's National Ecotourism Committee.
Tourists flock to Iran's 'image of the world'
‘Significant rise in visitor numbers since nuclear deal’
Foreign tourist influx hits record
More than 85,000 foreign tourists visited Isfahan Province between March 21 and April 20, breaking a 40-year record. That is more than a third of the total number of inbound tourists in Isfahan (280,000) in March 2013-17.

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