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Iraqi troops unearth dozens of bodies in Anbar mass grave
Iraqi security officials say government forces have found a mass grave in the troubled western province of Anbar, containing the bodies of at least 40 people, who are believed to have been executed by Takfiri Daesh terrorists in 2015 when they were in control of the terrain.
Iraqi troops found dozens of bodies in Old Mosul mass grave
Iraqi forces have reportedly found a mass grave in the Old City of Mosul, containing the bodies of at least 60 people, mostly members of security forces, who were slain by Takfiri Daesh terrorists as they were fighting the extremists to recapture the country’s second largest city.
Iraqi troops within 600m from Mosul’s Great Mosque: Federal police
Iraqi security forces battling terrorists have reached within 600 meters of west Mosul’s Great Mosque, where Daesh announced its so-called caliphate.
Iraqi troops geared for fresh east Mosul offensive
Iraqi forces are gearing up for a three-pronged attacked against Daesh terrorists in the city of Mosul following a two-week lull in their anti-terror operations, says a high-ranking Iraqi commander.
Heavy clashes in Mosul district as Iraqi troops advance against Daesh
Fierce clashes have erupted in Mosul’s al-Salam neighborhood, as Iraqi forces make gains against Daesh terrorists deep inside the northern city and advance closer to the Tigris River, which divides the city into eastern and western sides.
Iraqi troops set to recapture E Mosul district from Daesh: Cmdr.
A senior Iraqi commander says the Iraqi forces have made preparations for retaking another district in the eastern part of the strategic city of Mosul, but the process has slowed down due to Daesh terrorists' resistance.
Iraqi troops in full control of Qayyarah near Mosul
Iraqi forces have managed to recapture the northern town of Qayyarah from the grip of the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group in their push to conduct a major liberation operation in the nearby city of Mosul.
Spain to train Iraqi troops in fight against ISIL
Spain is set to start training Iraqi forces later this year to fight the ISIL Takfiri militants, who are wreaking havoc on Iraq and neighboring Syria.

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