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Germany suspends Peshmerga military training in northern Iraq
Germany has suspended the training of Kurdish Peshmerga forces in northern Iraq amid concerns about growing tensions in Kirkuk, officials confirmed Monday.
Turkey ready to cooperate with Iraq to eradicate PKK from Kirkuk
The Turkish government says it is ready to cooperate with the central Iraqi government against militants from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the country’s oil-rich northern province of Kirkuk, amid reports that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is allowing PKK terrorists to penetrate the city.
Iraqi envoy calls for establishment of joint bank with Iran
Iraq has called for setting up a joint Tehran-Baghdad bank to increase financial and economic exchanges between the two neighboring states, said the country's ambassador to Iran.
Iran-Iraq business forum kicks off in Tehran
A meeting of Iran-Iraq business forum, attended by the two countries' trade officials, began in Tehran on Sunday.
NGO: Nearly 700,000 Iraqis from Mosul still displaced
Nearly 700,000 Iraqis from the former Daesh stronghold of Mosul and nearby areas are still displaced despite the city's recapture in July, the Norwegian Refugee Council said Sunday.
No adverse effect on Iran market after Trump speech: Iran official
Recent anti-Iran remarks by US President Donald Trump had no adverse effect on the Iranian market and did not disturb it, Iran's vice-president for economic affairs said on Sunday.
Iran-Iraq business forum kicks off in Tehran
Iran-Iraq business forum, attended by the two countries' trade officials started work in the Iranian capital on Sunday.
At least 11 killed, 15 wound in bombing in Iraq’s Anbar province
At least 11 civilians have been killed in a bomb explosion in the western Iraqi city of Hit in Anbar province.
US provides logistic support to Daesh in Iraq, Syria: IRGC commander
A commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the United States airdropped weapons and food supplies to Daesh in Iraq and Syria as the Takfiri terrorist group was facing defeat.
Iraq announces end of operations in Hawija
The commander of liberation operation in Hawija, Iraq, against Daesh, announced on Tuesday evening that the area has been completely liberated.
Abadi says Daesh to be completely defeated in Iraq this year
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi says the Daesh Takfiri terrorists group will be totally defeated in the Arab country until the end of the current year.
Russian MoD claims US coalition 'imitates' fight against Daesh in Iraq
According to the Russian Defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu, the US-led coalition has sharply reduced the intensity of its attacks on Daesh in Iraq.
Iraqi speaker meets with Kurdish leader
The speaker of Iraq’s Parliament met with Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani, two weeks after the Kurdistan region held a controversial referendum on secession from the mainland.
Unique structure of Iran-Turkey ties allows coop. despite rifts
Taking command of mutual problems by states of the region is an effective method and should certainly be preferred to interventions by outside powers.
US, Israel behind treacherous Iraq disintegration plot: Iran official
Chairman of Iran's Expediency Council Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi warns the United States and the Israeli regime are behind a “dangerous and treacherous” plot to partition Iraq, following an independence referendum held in the Arab country’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region.

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