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Increased stress at work linked to higher diabetes risk
Workers who experience an increase in stress on the job over time may be more likely to develop diabetes than their coworkers who don’t, a recent study suggested.
Pneumonia, sepsis linked to increased risk of heart disease
A new study has identified a link between pneumonia or sepsis in adults resulting in hospital admission and an increased risk for cardiovascular disease.
Gum disease linked to increased cancer risk for older women
A new study links gum disease with an increased risk of several types of cancer in postmenopausal women, even in women who never smoked.
Smoking around your kids can put them at increased risk of arthritis
Exposure to passive smoking in childhood significantly increased the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis in adult smokers, a study has showed.
UK funding increased to fight neglected tropical diseases
The UK government is investing an extra £200 million in programs to fight neglected tropical diseases, which affect more than a billion people in the world's poorest countries.
Self-harming adults at increased suicide risk
Adults who self-harm appear to be at increased risk for suicide over the next year, a new study suggested.
No link between immigration and increased crime
Political discussions about immigrants often include the claim that there is a relationship between immigration patterns and increased crime.
Breast cancer risk not increased by night shifts
Working night shifts has little or no effect on a woman's risk of developing breast cancer, a new research suggested.
Increased marrying and mating, by education level not affecting genetic make-up
While the latter half of the 20th century showed a widening gap between the more and less educated with respect to marriage and fertility, this trend has not significantly altered the genetic makeup of subsequent generations, a team of researchers has found.
Increased CO2 alters plant photosynthesis
Researchers from Umeå University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences have discovered that increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere have shifted photosynthetic metabolism in plants over the 20th century.
Housewives face increased risk of CTS
People with diabetes, hypothyroidism, obesity and those who are involved in jobs which need high continuous wrist activity, including computer users, typists, dentists and housewives, are at increased risk of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).
Depressed adolescents face increased heart disease risk
Adolescents with major depression or bipolar disease face an increased risk of early heart disease and may need early intervention to prevent it, according to a scientific statement from the American Heart Association (AHA).
Report: US increased chemical arms sales to repressive regimes
The United States significantly increased exports of chemical and biological weapons to authoritarian African and Middle Eastern governments during popular uprisings that swept the region in early 2011, according to a report.
Transit of goods via Bazargan border up 50%
The transit of goods through the northwestern Bazargan border terminal increased 50 percent during the nine months of the Iranian calendar year (started March 21, 2014).

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