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West Antarctic Ice Sheet unlikely to reverse retreat
A new study of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet during the Holocene suggests the ice sheet is unlikely to reverse its accelerating retreat as it has in the past.
Rising temperatures enabled peatland formation at the end of last ice age
New research suggested periods of global warming during the last ice age encouraged the formation of peatlands.
Iran’s Safdarian pockets bronze in 2018 UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour
Iranian ice climber Mohammad-Reza Safdarian has managed to collect a bronze medal at the 2018 Union International des Associations d'Alpinisme (UIAA) Ice Climbing World Tour in Switzerland.
Ice in space might flow like honey (Video)
Ice in space may break out the bubbly. Zapping simulated space ice with imitation starlight makes the ice bubble.
Japanese create ice cream that doesn't melt
A team of Japanese scientists has developed a way to make and sell a type of ice cream that does not melt, capitalizing on a discovery made accidentally by a chef.
Alien ice seen forming on Earth
A strange form of ice that's found naturally only on alien worlds has been captured being frozen from water in real time on Earth for the first time, the US researchers said.
Antarctic ice rift spreads
The rift in the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica now has a second branch, which is moving in the direction of the ice front, Swansea University researchers revealed after studying the latest satellite data.
Ice cold in the desert
In the Zardkouh, a 4,200m-high mountain range bordering the western flank of Iran's vast central deserts, hides one of the Islamic Republic's most unexpected geographical finds: On the edge of the hot desert is a series of sub-tropical glaciers.
Sea ice responsible for rising mercury in Antarctic fish, birds
Researchers say Antarctic sea ice is encouraging the accumulation of methylmercury, a more toxic form of mercury, in birds and fish.
Arctic sea ice at record low in June
Sea ice cover in the Arctic beat a hasty retreat throughout June, reaching record-breaking levels by month's end.
Melting Greenland ice linked to faster Arctic warming
Scientists have found the first evidence that links melting ice in Greenland to Arctic amplification, faster warming of the Arctic compared to the rest of the Northern Hemisphere as sea ice disappears.
Driving on ice — secret to Finnish F1 success
Snow is falling in soft drifts and the forest-fringed roads are slick with ice as racing driver Valtteri Bottas returns home for a rare visit to Finland.
Ice Age engravings found at Jersey archaeological site
A dig in Jersey has yielded a stash of hunter-gatherer artifacts from the end of the last Ice Age, including stone pieces criss-crossed by carved lines.
Man sets world record for bathing in ice cubes
A 60-year-old man, has broken the world record by taking the longest bath in a container filled with ice cubes for 115 minutes.
Australia sets up “ice” taskforce
Australia's government has established a national taskforce to tackle growing use of crystal methamphetamine, or ice.

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