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Thai environment protesters claim victory in battle over forest housing
Environmental activists in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai claimed victory after the country’s military government agreed in talks not to use forested land to develop luxury property.
Whatever you eat impacts environment, climate change
The saying goes, ‘You are what you eat,’ so where does that leave those who eat trash, or even just plants? The truth is that all species are connected to each other and the inanimate earth through the simple act of eating; by eating (broadly defined) we are all part of each other. Consumption of food is one of the most direct impacts we can have on the world around us and it’s easily, even instinctively understood. To live, we must consume the lives of others.
Europe's current approach to food, agriculture and environment not sustainable
At the launch of the report, Opportunities and Challenges for Research on Food and Nutrition Security and Agriculture in Europe, this morning at the Palais des Académies in Brussels, the European national science academies along with the InterAcademy Partnership called for European policy-makers to urgently re-think their approach to food and agriculture.
US environment agency proposes limits to science used in rulemaking
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a rule that would limit the kinds of scientific research it can use in crafting regulations, an apparent concession to big business that has long requested such restrictions.
UN moves towards recognizing human right to a healthy environment
It is time for the United Nations to formally recognize the right to a healthy environment, according to the world body’s chief investigator of murders, beatings and intimidation of environmental defenders.
China, UK eye cooperation on human settlement environment
China and Britain have plenty of opportunities to work together on building on better human settlement environment, agreed experts from both countries on a professional forum held at Cambridge.
Environment protectors against plan to build road inside park
Environmentalists are up in arms against a proposed new road on the edge and inside the Nairobi National Park in Kenya.
Over 260,000 entities to pay environment tax starting April 1
Over 260,000 enterprises and other entities will have to start paying an environment tax in April, as China moves to protect the environment and cut pollutants, according to the country's top tax authority.
India to host World Environment Day 2018
Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Indian Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, and Erik Solheim, UN Under Secretary General and Head of UN Environment, jointly announced that India will be hosting the global World Environment Day celebrations on June 5 2018.
Iran, Germany to expand cooperation on environment
Iran and Germany will expand cooperation in environmental areas.
Want to do something good for the environment? Ditch animal products, go vegan!
A vegan diet includes reduced consumption of animal products, which have a higher environmental impact than plant-based products.
Radically cleaner environment may be essential to cut childhood stunting
Improved drinking water, sanitation and handwashing (WASH) interventions reduced child diarrhoea in rural Bangladesh, but contrary to expectations, did not impact child growth — indicates findings from new study by International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B) and US collaborators.
China unveils action plan for improving rural living environment
China's central authorities unveiled a three-year action plan to improve the rural living environment.

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